Around Italy, 17 projects are supported by the Fund

The fight to end violence against women is one of the key themes in the 2019-2020 two-year plan


25 November - International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

A phenomenon further aggravated by the lockdown: a 73% increase in calls to the women's helpline 1522

Milan/Turin, 24 November 2020 - On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November), Intesa Sanpaolo outlines its efforts to combat the phenomenon. From January 2019 to the present day, the Fund for Charitable, Social and Cultural Contributions (coordinated by the Group's Chair) has allocated 1.7 million euro (around 10% of its endowments) to projects focused on eliminating violence against women. The projects supported by the Fund are aimed at helping women and children with services of assistance, support and shelter.

Although the fight to eliminate violence against women was already identified as a priority in 2018 and included in the Action Plan of 2019-2020 which guides the allocation of donations, the phenomenon became even more serious with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic: in fact, the lockdown impacted significantly on the issue of domestic violence, due to social isolation and financial difficulties which intensified family tensions. The number of calls to the anti-violence helpline 1522 have increased by 73% during lockdown and the number of women victims seeking help has risen by 59%. 45.3% of victims are afraid for their own safety or even of being killed; 72.8% do not report the offence immediately; in 93.4% of cases, the violence occurs in the home. (Istat figures 2020)

Projects supported by the Charity Fund in 2020

The E.M.M.A. Anti-violence Centres (a non-profit organisation) run the "HELP SOS" project in Turin and Pinerolo, aimed at 'outing' the phenomenon of violence against women with a greater number of helpdesks for abused women in strategic locations with high numbers of visitors (universities, supermarkets, hospitals, etc) and more refuges providing immediate and effective help for abused women, allowing them to take shelter in safe houses whose addresses are kept secret. Around 100 women benefit from this assistance.

In Pavia, the "A.I.U.T.O." project by non-profit organisation LiberaMente: Women's Journeys against Violence, is designed to increase assistance and support for women who turn to their anti-violence centre; planning/implementing specific services aimed at counselling, re-introduction to the workplace, and housing support; increasing psychological support services and free legal advice from lawyers working in the civil and penal fields. Around 130 women are visitors to this anti-violence centre and/or sheltered in its safe houses.

In the province of Reggio Emilia, the non-profit association Nondasola - Donne insieme contro la violenza (Women together against violence) is setting up the project "Passo dopo Passo. Sostegno ai percorsi di autonomia delle donne in uscita da situazioni di violenza domestica” (Step by Step. Support for women seeking a way out from domestic violence). This project aims to create and implement personalised solutions for women and children to leave behind violence in the home by becoming financially independent thanks to careers advice and training experiences; offering support for mother/child relationships and promotion of health and psychosocial well-being. Around 140 Italian and immigrant women benefit from this assistance.

In some provinces and cities of the Marche and Emilia Romagna regions, the social cooperative Labirinto has set up the project "L’ARMADIO” - An integrated territorial model of support for victims of violence and perpetrators". This promotes a general increase of knowledge on the topic of children exposed to the effects of domestic violence; eliciting important changes in public policy of intervention for minors, activating interregional coordination and strong integration between the services and organisations that deal with adults and those that deal with children, including the Anti-violence centres and the Refuge Shelters, to avoid contradictory and fragmented action plans. It also sets out to promote experimentation of new services - both to help children who are victims of violence, and the abusers, by rebuilding the child-parent relationship. Around 450 people are assisted by this project - the female victims of violence, their children, the abusers, and specialists working in the field.

The project "LIBERE DA, LIBERE PER" (Free from, Free for) by Differenza Donna (Association of women against violence) will guarantee immediate protection for victims of human-trafficking and prostitution rackets in Lazio, offering access to health services, legal aid and re-introduction to society/workplace as well as fully restoring their freedom and autonomy. It will guarantee 24-hour first-stop assistance and ongoing support for all women with counselling sessions, medical consultations for mental/physical harm, literacy courses and guidance in re-entering the job market and finding accommodation, up to the point where they achieve full independence. Around 70 women can benefit from this assistance.

In Rome, Naples and Cosenza, the WeWorld non-profit organisation will run the "Spazio Donna Italia" project. The "Women's Spaces" are meeting and socialising places for women who live in difficult circumstances. Here they can learn to take care of themselves and others, complete their studies (taking the middle school diploma) and receive work training courses. Every woman who wishes to undertake their own personal path will be offered the chance to use the Child Care area where teachers and psychologists follow the children and, using games, often manage to identify the serious domestic contexts in which they live. This service is offered to over 500 women between the ages of 15 and 55, and at least 200 children, from newborns to 8 year olds.

The Fund for Charity and Social and Cultural Initiatives, which is provided for by Intesa Sanpaolo’s Articles of Association, is coordinated by the Bank's Chairman and permits the allocation of part of the profits to charity and to support projects that revolve around solidarity, social utility and value of the individual. In line with the principles of the Group's Code of Ethics, the goal is to share with the community the Bank’s focus on individuals, human rights, economic and social solidarity, sustainable development, environmental protection and the promotion of cultural initiatives in favour of disadvantaged groups. Endowments are allocated following a selection process based on specific criteria, and include local donations (for sums up to 5,000 euro), to support projects and initiatives that have a local impact, as well as central donations, to support larger projects. This activity is part of the Group's efforts to attain the Sustainable Development Goals established by the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.

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