The Executive Programme “Governance, Supervision and Strategy of Financial Intermediaries” kicks off today with the talks by Stefano Lucchini, Chief Institutional Affairs and External Communication Officer of Intesa Sanpaolo and Paolo Boccardelli, Director of Luiss Business School 

Rome, 13 November 2020 – Today, Intesa Sanpaolo and Luiss Business School launched the first edition of the Executive Programme “Governance, Supervision and Strategy of Financial Intermediaries”, a highly specialised training programme that bestows the advanced tools and skills needed to work in the field of financial intermediaries and face up to the challenges stemming from increasingly connected and digital markets. 

The selected 15 participants – consultants, directors and executive managers from backgrounds ranging from banking, finance and legal to data analysis – will dive deep into the evolution of financial regulation and supervisory and control systems, analyse the effects on the economic and productive system and contribute to the definition of a new governance model for financial risk. 

The objective of the programme is to ultimately support regulators and financial intermediaries with the development of a “better regulation”, one that can strike a balance between the principles of financial stability and the objectives of economic growth. Participants will enjoy a comprehensive opportunity for professional enrichment, one that strengthens both their expertise in areas such as corporate finance, risk management, compliance, economics of financial intermediaries, and allows them to build up a strategic vision and the ability to influence decision-making at the institutional level. 

The programme is taught by prestigious faculty members: these include, among others, Stefano Del Punta, Chief Financial Officer of Intesa Sanpaolo and Stefano Lucchini, Chief Institutional Affairs and External Communication Officer of Intesa Sanpaolo. The initiative renews and consolidates the partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo and Luiss Business School. It aims to coach managers in their efforts to drive Italy’s growth and competitiveness in global economic and political scenarios. 

We have set ambitious goals for ourselves with this programme,” emphasises Enzo Peruffo, Associate Dean for Executive Education, Luiss Business School, “on the one hand, we seek to respond to a market demand which calls for the training of managerial roles that can operate across sectors, a function that is increasingly sought after, and, on the other hand, we aim to provide a training up to a challenge that is European in scope, one that focuses on the growth of companies and regulations that protect legality and support the economy.” 

Stefano Lucchini, Chief Institutional Affairs and External Communication Officer of Intesa Sanpaolo, comments that “the banking sector is experiencing important changes which are also related to the regulatory compliance in the fields of governance and supervision. In their effort to conduct this undertaking, one that is necessary and just, banks must find solid and constantly updated expertise. This is where Intesa Sanpaolo comes in by promoting training on these specialised topics through the collaboration with accomplished universities such as Luiss, with which we proud ourselves of our historical and enduring partnership.” 

The governance of the Executive Program has two co-directors: prof. Mirella Pellegrini, Ordinary Professor Luiss at and dr. Marcello Mentini, Intesa Sanpaolo, and a scientific committee composed of dr. Paolo Boccardelli, dr. Stefano Lucchini, dr. Stefano Del Punta, prof. Enzo Peruffo, lawyer Laura Lunghi and prof. Paola Lucantoni.

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