Milan, 24 June 2020 - Internationalisation as the road to recovery of SMEs after the unprecedented crisis generated by the COVID-19 emergency: this will be the topic of the Smart International Tour, a series of webinars for clients of the Banca dei Territori Division of Intesa Sanpaolo, to be held as from the end of June in collaboration with Monitor Deloitte, the strategic consulting division of Deloitte Consulting, a world leader in professional services for businesses. A 20-stop tour involving 400 SMEs in Italy, helping them on the road to recovery, and international growth.

Initially meetings will focus on 5 areas of interest for Intesa Sanpaolo’s clients, such as the USA, China, France, Germany and Romania and will involve its HUB branch in New York, the Shanghai and Paris branches, the Frankfurt branch and Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania, together with an introductory intervention by Monitor Deloitte and the experts of the International Deloitte Network.

Under the management of Stefano Barrese, with this initiative the Banca dei Territori Division offers a new tool to support the internationalisation of over 200,000 small and medium-sized Italian companies throughout the country, with the direct involvement of the Italian network and all the regional governance centres, as well as the foreign network (foreign banks and branches of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group).

Through its extensive foreign network in about 40 countries consisting of branches, representative offices and subsidiary banks, Intesa Sanpaolo ensures support to small and medium-sized businesses, helping them along the path of growth and internationalisation, developing operations even on new markets. Thanks to its presence in the territory, the collaboration with Monitor Deloitte and its international network of professional services, the Group has introduced a new digital format - webinars - to support companies as they restart their businesses on foreign markets.

Anna Roscio, Head of SMEs Sales and Marketing Department of Intesa Sanpaolo stated: “The goal of this initiative, which comes after the recent strengthening of structures used to support the internationalisation of SMEs such as the introduction of dedicated specialists, is to give our clients a perspective of markets and an overview of the Group's products and services of its foreign network, strengthening the support that the Bank ensures to companies in Italy and abroad, above all in the context of the current Covid-19 emergency and the expected social-economic impacts will be discussed during all the meetings. Intesa Sanpaolo offers companies a complete range of financial instruments to support international trading such as international cash management services to optimize corporate treasury and trade finance with the assistance of dedicated specialists, as well as forms of financing and subsidies to promote recovery”.

This initiative is part of a broader program of activities of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group to support the relaunch phase, that includes the publication in the near future of the results of a research carried out on the topic of post Covid-19 Next Normal for SMEs, carried out by the Group in collaboration with Monitor Deloitte and Deloitte Private, with interviews to over 6,000 SMEs.

“At a time of strong change, we intend to be close to companies offering them real support to plan and seize the opportunities for recovery with a perspective for the future that goes beyond national borders. According to the initial results of the research carried out together with the Group, internationalisation is seen by 2 companies out of 3 as one of the main growth and development drivers of recovery after the health emergency. That is why, as Monitor Deloitte, we have decided, with great enthusiasm, to support Intesa Sanpaolo in this initiative, providing to SMEs a wide range of specialized skills to support the internationalisation that the global Deloitte network offers”, said Manuel Pincetti, the Monitor Deloitte partner head of Deloitte's Strategic Transformation & Growth services in Italy.

The new needs of small and medium-sized businesses and the Bank's specific expertise in national and international contexts were the starting point for the “Smart International Tour” (from 22 June through to the end of July). The initiative aims at offering to a panel of companies of the Banca dei Territori division an overview of the services and products offered by the Group through the Italian and foreign networks. Meetings will start with an overview of the impact of the health crisis in the focus country, the main sectors affected locally and the post-emergency consumer sentiment, moving on to discuss government measures implemented at a local level. Key insights of the initiative will be followed by the presentation of services and tools to support companies on international markets thanks above all to teams of internationalisation specialists, who constantly liaise with the Italian network to offer customer companies in the Group financial support and services in the countries where Intesa Sanpaolo is present.

With this new initiative, Intesa Sanpaolo confirms not only the guidelines of its strategic plan that focuses on activities to support the internationalisation of small and medium-sized businesses in the country, but also its commitment to support and promote the restart of companies following the current emergency, focusing on opening new markets.



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