• First place in the "Cyber Resilience amid a Global Pandemic" competition which saw the participation of Italy's leading companies
  • The Intesa Sanpaolo team was successful in overcoming all the security challenges
  • Massimo Proverbio: "Proof of the outstanding work we have done in cyber security and of the professional skills of our colleagues".

Milan, 30 June 2020 – Intesa Sanpaolo won the AIPSA 2020 CTF "Cyber Resilience amid a Global Pandemic” challenge, organised by AIPSA, the Italian Association of Corporate Security Professionals, in collaboration with Spike Reply, a Reply Group company specialised in consultancy services and integrated solutions for business security & fraud management.

The AIPSA CTF challenge, dedicated to Cyber Resilience during the global pandemic for the 2020 edition, is a competition for teams of Cyber Security professionals from leading Italian companies. The competition challenges the skills of the teams to detect, resist and react to a simulated cyber-attack.

The game consists of a series of challenges and is inspired by Capture the Flag (CTF). Participants search for vulnerabilities in the systems and software provided by the organisers to steal hidden flags. In addition to exploiting the weaknesses and flaws of the opponents, challenges include solving logical puzzles, quickly understanding how a complex system works and how to force it.

Intesa Sanpaolo's team ranked first with an impressive 1,800 points - 400 points ahead of the second-place finisher - successfully overcoming all the challenges set by the AIPSA professionals, including IoT Under Attack (vulnerabilities in IoT devices on the network), Ransom Forensics (information collection and response to ransomware attacks), File Recovery (information analysis and extrapolation) and Investigation (extrapolation of information from multimedia files).

The Intesa Sanpaolo team formed for the event included colleagues from two different units who work together every day on incident management and threat prevention for the Group: Daniele Bevilacqua and Rocco Mercante of SOC (Security Operation Center) and Marco Festa, Luca Massaron and Francesco Pipitò of the CSIRT Attack & Defense unit (Cyber Security Incident Response Team).


"Intesa Sanpaolo has invested and is continuing to invest heavily in new technologies to become a full-fledged IT Digital Company and provide customers with increasingly innovative, easily accessible, fast and secure online services" - stated Massimo Proverbio, Chief IT, Digital & Innovation Officer of Intesa Sanpaolo. "This year's success and the excellent second-place finish in 2019 at AIPSA CTF are proof of the excellent work we have done on Cyber Security and the professional skills of our colleagues who are committed to guaranteeing the IT security of our Group every single day".


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