According to the Starteed report, which analysed Italian crowdfunding platforms


Milan/Turin, 3 February 2021 - For Funding, the Intesa Sanpaolo crowdfunding platform, recorded 9.76 million euro of donations in 2020, putting it at the top of 25 Italian platforms in the category Donation and Reward, according to the 2020 report by Starteed, "Crowdfunding in Italy". The report, which was launched in 2015 to map trends in fundraising in Italy, has become a point of reference over the years for analysis of the status of the entire sector.

In an economic and social context in strong evolution due to the pandemic, crowdfunding has proved to be a resilient and useful tool, which can be integrated with traditional funding systems. The report, which counts platforms under Italian law, reveals an increased propensity of Italians to make donations - not only for campaigns linked to the health crisis - and constant growth in lending (+75%), i.e. loans, from which more than half of crowdfunding sums are raised.

For Funding, launched three years ago, allows natural persons and legal entities to donate and lend money directly to parties in the Non-profit Sector, without the need for intermediaries and free of cost/fees both for the donor and beneficiary. Also, through its own organisation and infrastructure, Intesa Sanpaolo guarantees a secure and transparent platform, with public reporting both about the funds raised and how they are used.

Andrea Lecce, Head of the Individual and Retail Business Sales & Marketing Department of Intesa Sanpaolo, commented: "In three years of business, forfunding.it has raised a total of 13 million euro, with 5.3 million being contributed for the Coronavirus health emergency. Fifty-six thousand people and companies have given generously to support over 200 selected initiatives. For Funding works to unite donors and non-profit organizations, confirming the Bank's vocation to support important social solidarity projects. During the health emergency, the platform played a key role with twenty-two funding campaigns relating to Covid-19 which added to our great direct commitment towards the Italian health system and social issues. Furthermore, in partnership with Mastercard since July, the project has expanded on digital channels, enabling the opportunity for donations also via ATM cash machines."


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