• New opportunities for private customers of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group to further diversify their investments by focusing on the growth of high-tech start-ups in Italy and abroad.
  • Since the launch of the Neva First Fund in August 2020, in one year of operation Neva Sgr has invested around 50 million euros in 12 companies with high growth potential.
  • Neva Sgr is a privileged point for the entry of international start-ups into the Italian and European markets and springboard to global markets for Italian start-ups through synergies with Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

Milan, 12 August 2021 - Diversifying investments and intercepting high-tech start-ups to support their growth: with this objective Neva Sgr, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's Venture Capital, has partnered up with Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, offering qualified clients the opportunity to invest in entrepreneurial realities with high growth potential through the Neva First fund.

Neva Sgr's business model is based on the management of investment funds for professional investors interested in seizing the opportunities for diversification and high returns offered by venture capital, through investments in innovative and high-tech start-ups, both in Italy and abroad, and in achieving environmental sustainability.

The target companies are represented by unlisted companies that meet the requirements of excellence and innovation: they must operate on global trends and offer exponential growth prospects in the medium and long term, present unique and innovative traits in regard to know-how and business management and possess clear and execution-oriented leadership.

Belonging to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, Neva Sgr has a unique and distinctive factor in the creation of value for the start-ups, through the skills present in the Group and the network of relationships with businesses, institutions and entrepreneurs. Neva Sgr certainly represents a privileged entry point for international start-ups interested in the Italian and European markets and a springboard for Italian start-ups ready to scale international markets.

Neva Sgr's Investment Team has demonstrated its ability to identify the best technology companies (both nationally and internationally), to efficiently execute the investment process and to build a portfolio that is appreciated by the market.

Since the launch of the Neva First Fund in August 2020, in one year of operation, Neva Sgr has invested approximately €50 million in 12 companies with high growth potential and a highly technological and innovative business.

“The synergy with Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking”, says Mario Costantini, CEO of Neva Sgr, “will allow us to strengthen and speed up our investment capacity and the development of our portfolio. Neva First is the first fund and has a fund-raising target of €250 million, investing approximately 70% abroad and the remaining 30% in Italy. This set-up puts us in a position to contribute around €80 million to the growth of the most promising Italian companies and to enhance, with the remaining 70% of the portfolio, the growth of venture capital in the main international markets”.

“We are pleased to be able to submit to our customers, in this economic phase, an additional investment solution - underlines Andrea Ghidoni, General Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking. Neva First will help diversity the portfolio and enrich the alternative offer, which aims at investing in entrepreneurial realities with high growth potential, in line with customers' expectations and objectives, thanks to a strategy developed in close cooperation between companies of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group”.


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