• Cardea, reserved for the Group's financial institutions clients, provides innovative content and services for accessing and operating on global financial markets
  • Massimo Mocio, Deputy Chief of IMI CIB Division: "Cardea is part of the Group's broader strategy to further support institutional clients with an increasingly cutting-edge digital range."

Milan, 25 February 2022 - Intesa Sanpaolo launches "Cardea", the new portal of the IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division dedicated to the Group's financial institutions customers.

The project offers a wide range of information and services for accessing and operating in global financial markets. Characterized by ease of navigation and usability of content, Cardea provides institutional customers with different sections containing insights and market data, research and commentary, news in real time and the ability to trade on the markets.

Massimo Mocio, Deputy Chief of Intesa Sanpaolo's IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division points out: "We have created Cardea in order to respond effectively to the needs of our client financial institutions by offering, through a single point of access, all the information needed to formulate effective investment strategies, which can also be executed using the market trading function. The new portal is part of a broader strategy by the Group and IMI CIB Division to further support institutional clients with an increasingly cutting-edge digital range of high value-added, technologically advanced services to facilitate their operations."

Several in-depth sections are available in the reserved area of the portal, from market data to research conducted by Intesa Sanpaolo analysts and strategists, also available in video and podcast formats, to real-time news on financial markets available through articles, live TV and videos. In addition to the information function, for users with Market Hub credentials, Cardea is equipped with a web transaction interface through which orders can be placed on listed markets.

From the reserved area of Cardea, the home page offers a customizable overview of the main contents available in the portal, making it adaptable to each user's needs. Customers can select and organize content based on their preferences, including searches and news by asset class or instrument. The Watchlist section also allows you to follow the stocks of greatest interest, like a real virtual investment portfolio.

The project is named after the goddess Cardea, who in Roman mythology was the deity of doors and hinges. In fact, this financial portal is a gateway to targeted insights into the main financial markets: https://www.cardea.intesasanpaolo.com

Intesa Sanpaolo's financial institutions customers can contact their sales representative for access to Cardea.

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