• The call for international startups and SMEs to accelerate the development of the best technologies applied to the hydrogen supply chain and CO2 emissions reduction is now open.

Milan, 08 March 2022 - Pietro Fiorentini Group and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center have officially announced the launch of the Sustainable Energy Venture programme, the call for national and international startups and SMEs aimed at identifying and supporting the best technologies for the development of the hydrogen supply chain and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Pietro Fiorentini Group aims to draw on its production expertise and the distinctive set of skills gained in the field of Lean & Agile Management to accelerate outstanding technological innovation projects in the field of energy sustainability, thus significantly contributing to the decarbonisation targets promoted by the EU.

Through the StartUp Initiative platform, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center will support the management of Pietro Fiorentini Group in selecting the applications received and by tutoring the companies that will be selected to take part in the project.

The programme will be divided into various stages. First, a boot camp (World Class for Technology Deployment) providing startups and SMEs with tools and skills taught by coaches with proven international experience in business and venture capital, and in the end, a culminating arena where the finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their technological innovations.

The winning startups/SMEs will have the chance, in collaboration with the board of Pietro Fiorentini Group, to evaluate several collaboration prospects from a production, economic, and financial perspective.

“The idea of contributing to sustainability through technology is the concept at the base of our purpose, the ultimate goal that drives the Company and its operations”, explains Mario Nardi, Managing Director of Pietro Fiorentini Group. “This involves not only developing new solutions by relying on our internal resources, but also opening up to external cross-contamination in a spirit of open innovation, in a quest to find the most brilliant ideas both in Italy and abroad. This programme is aimed at enhancing the technological and intellectual capital of those who will selected to take part in it, accelerating their growth by drawing on our expertise when it comes to both production and management’.

“Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center is committed to fostering innovation in alternative energy supply chains and carbon reduction technologies and, therefore, is glad to offer its support to this acceleration programme for an already significant client, such as the Pietro Fiorentini Group.” Says Maurizio Montagnese, President of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center. “The Sustainable Energy Venture initiative provides a tangible opportunity to further boost an industry that we find extremely interesting and that we are actively engaged in: the hydrogen industry and related innovations”.

Further information about the call is available on the Sustainable Energy Venture project page on the Pietro Fiorentini Group website.

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