SACE and Exetra: agreement to develop the internationalization process of Italian companies

The partnership between the Intesa Sanpaolo Group and SACE to support, grow and develop Italian SMEs abroad continues to strengthen

Rome/Milan, 31 May 2022 - An agreement has been signed between SACE, the Italian insurance and financial company specialised in supporting Italian businesses and the national economy, and Exetra, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's trading company dedicated to promoting Italian craftsmanship through trade and export solutions, thus confirming a strong partnership with the aim of supporting Italian SMEs at every stage of their international growth processes. The agreement was signed by Giammarco Boccia, Head of Corporate Finance and Indirect Channels at SACE, and Luca Morgera, General Manager of Exetra.

In detail, the agreement provides for closer cooperation between the respective domestic and international distribution networks through innovative supply chain approaches and dedicated tools that increasingly foster the spread of the goods and services of Italian companies to international markets and expand the target destinations. Another goal is to deepen the mutual understanding of SACE Group products and the services offered by Exetra to support the internationalisation of large companies and SMEs through dedicated training sessions.

"At a moment in history like the present it is crucial to systematise and make available to SMEs complex financial instruments, simplifying access to them. We at SACE are constantly committed to this, for the economic recovery of the country and to strengthen the Italian economy's competitiveness worldwide," commented Giammarco Boccia, Head of Corporate Finance and Indirect Channels at SACE. "We have always worked closely with Intesa Sanpaolo and Exetra since it was founded. With this agreement, we confirm and further strengthen our partnership to provide the best tools to support Italian companies in the internationalisation process."

"Exetra was created two years ago with the ambition of partnering with Italian companies exporting their products to the world and, despite operating in an extremely uncertain global market context, it has already supported dozens of companies in their export activities thanks to its specialized skills," explained Sergio Castelbolognesi, CEO of Exetra.  "SACE is the main partner for Exetra's insurance needs. Thanks to the synergies that will be activated with the agreement presented today, our clients will benefit from increasingly effective and innovative skills and tools."

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