• The Neva First fund exceeds the €130 million of capital allocated, of which more than €35 million in Italy
  • Investments completed in BetaGlue Technologies and Casavo, highly innovative companies that respectively operate in life sciences and PropTech
  • In just a few weeks, four transactions closed with national and foreign entities


Turin, 27 July 2022Neva SGR, an Intesa Sanpaolo Group company controlled 100% by the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, has, through its Neva First Fund, finalised two investments in BetaGlue Technologies and Casavo, highly innovative companies that operate respectively in life sciences and PropTech.

Neva SGR thus exceeds €130 million in capital allocated from August 2020 to date through the Neva First and Neva First Italia funds, which have total assets of €250 million. After the recent investments in Israel in cybersecurity with Cyberint and Coro, the conclusion of the transactions with BetaGlue Technologies and Casavo confirms Intesa Sanpaolo’s role in support of the entrepreneurial fabric and innovation.

BetaGlue Technologies has developed and patented an advanced radiotherapy platform for cancer treatment, BAT-90 (“Beta Ablation Therapy with Yttrium-90”), which strikes solid, non-resectable tumours and/or the resection margins of tumours that have been resected, thereby opening up to important prospects in the field of oncology with benefits for both patients and the health system.

Casavo is a company operating in the real estate purchase and sale segment with a unique, innovative business model. Established as an instant buyer platform, it subsequently evolved into a marketplace aiming to redesign the experience of buying and selling homes in Europe through technology that can simply and easily integrate all players involved, including those of the banking sector.


Mario Costantini, CEO of Neva SGR, declared: “The recent transactions with two excellent players as are Casavo and BetaGlue confirm the great potential of the Italian market and go towards the more than €35 million already allocated by our funds in Italian start-ups. In just a few weeks, we have finalised various investments both nationally and internationally, confirming the global vision of Neva SGR. The rate of our investments bears witness to the concrete commitment by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group in supporting the most innovative contexts and start-ups, fostering the entrepreneurial development of our country in line with the objectives declared in the 2022-25 Business Plan”.

Neva SGR in fact seeks to generate a positive impact for the Italian economy, becoming a point of reference for the Fund members, so that they can collaborate and take part in the development of the most innovative start-ups present on national and international territory, with important returns on investment for investors in the funds under management.

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