• Intesa Sanpaolo announced today that Forrester Research, one of the global leading Research and Advisory companies, has found Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app as the “Overall Digital Leader” in EMEA, offering the very best functions and all-round experience
  • Customers benefit from an innovative, inclusive digital platform that is fully integrated with the physical network
  • Stefano Barrese, Head of Intesa Sanpaolo's Banca dei Territori Division, commented: “The digital transformation we have completed in recent years has allowed us to achieve the objective we had set ourselves in our previous business plan: to become digital leaders in EMEA. Now we are ready to converge experience and results at the service of Isybank, the new digital bank that is emerging thanks to the new Business Plan

Milan, July 4th 2022 – The US research company Forrester has declared the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App the “Overall Digital Experience Leader”, first place amongst all the evaluated EMEA banking apps, with a perfect score in mobile functionalities and user experience.

The report published, The Forrester Digital Experience Review™: EMEA Mobile Banking Apps, Q2 2022, not only acknowledges its digital leadership, but also declares that Intesa Sanpaolo is the best practice in four out of thirteen categories:

·      money management, for the analysis support offered to customers in the app to understand how and where to spend and how they can optimise their money management

·      money movement, for the tools enabling money to be sent and payments made, also using evolved instruments for their bills and everyday spending;

·      navigation, for the ease of navigation, clarity of information architecture and the elements displayed on the page, which make for simple, inclusive navigation

·      privacy cues and content, for the clarity and transparency with which the app manages the contents related to privacy and permissions requested from customers

The following characteristics of the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App were highlighted in particular:

·      the rigorous, solid design process that has made the app more user-friendly and accessible

·      the wealth of practical contents without forgoing an effective, reliable user experience

·      the completeness of the spending analysis tools, with an accurate classification, forecast month-end balance and personalised suggestions tailored to customers

·      the innovations applied to facilitate searching for documents and information, like the possibility of using the voice and being guided in ordering transactions on accounts and cards directly via the search engine

·      the new tools to make the app more accessible, with the possibility of enlarging font, activating graphic design options better suited to people with visual impairment and ways to improve legibility

Stefano Barrese, Head of Intesa Sanpaolo's Banca dei Territori Division, explained: “The major digital transformation we have completed in recent years, accompanied by a solid design method that puts our customers’ needs firmly at the centre, has allowed us to successfully achieve the aim we had set ourselves in the previous business plan and in which we have invested: to become Digital Leaders in EMEA with a cutting edge, valuable asset as is the mobile banking app used today by 8,000,000 customers. Today” – Mr Barrese continues - “Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile is confirmed as a point of reference for the more than 12,000,000 multi-channel customers, with one and a half billion log-ins every year and 136,000,000 transactions, and it has supported the purchases of products and services concluded on our digital channels, which today account for almost 40% of total sales made by the Banca dei Territori.”

Mr Barrese concludes: “This path of excellence has led us to now have the maturity we need to address the next challenge: to create a pure-mobile digital bank for our customers and others, capitalising on the customer experience we have consolidated and innovating our core banking systems. Isybank will therefore be all-digital for customers not using branches and offer distinctive functions to satisfy the new customer demands that have emerged in recent years”.


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