• The goal of the agreement is to encourage technological innovation and the adoption of more sustainable business models: from the installation of photovoltaic systems to the electrification of vehicle fleets and use of green financial products and services
  • Over a thousand Lucart business clients to benefit from the project

Milan/Porcari (LU), 8 September 2022 – Supporting over a thousand companies in the paper industry with adopting more sustainable business models, fostering technological innovation and initiating processes to reduce their environmental impact. This is the goal of the agreement signed by Enel X and Intesa Sanpaolo with Lucart, one of Europe's most important paper groups, known for its Tenderly, Grazie Natural and Tutto Pannocarta brands, among others, and a European leader in professional hygiene products.

The initiative calls for development of a project to enable companies distributing Lucart products to embrace the sustainability paradigm through three important actions: the installation of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of their warehouses; the electrification of their vehicle fleets for the shipment of goods; and the use of financing and financial services linked to specific sustainability goals.

"Today, in order to be truly sustainable, a company must consider the impacts of its products through the supply chain, involving its partners and sharing projects, knowledge and expertise," commented Francesco Pasquini, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Lucart. "This is why we are proud to collaborate with two true sustainability leaders such as Enel X and Intesa Sanpaolo in offering our customers effective solutions that can contribute to their competitiveness and sustainability over time."

"Through this agreement," commented Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italy, "we confirm our role as an accelerator of sustainability, providing a significant boost to innovation and transformation of the Italian business community, of which Lucart is an outstanding example. Italian companies," added Raggi, "can make a fundamental contribution to our country's energy transition, and for this reason we have decided to support them and steer them towards more sustainable production models, putting all our expertise at their disposal."

"Intesa Sanpaolo, in line with its 2022-25 Business Plan, confirms its role as an accelerator of the NRRP initiatives by concretely supporting Italian companies towards ESG-oriented technological development and growth projects," explained Richard Zatta, Head of Global Corporate of IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division of Intesa Sanpaolo. "The agreement will enable the many companies that distribute Lucart's excellent products to access services, products and initiatives that can promote plans to reduce polluting emissions and the gradual switch to electric cars in the company fleet. At the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, we are convinced that innovation and sustainable growth are drivers for improving the competitive position of the Italian economy and strong drivers of development of the national ecosystem."

As part of the agreement, Lucart, as supply chain leader, will actively promote the project among its distributors, selecting those interested with full discretion and autonomy. The initiative has been presented to a panel of Lucart partner companies and as many as 66% of them stated their intention to participate in the project and benefit from the opportunities offered by the agreement with Enel X and Intesa Sanpaolo.

Enel X, as a technical enabler, will provide advice and a range of services to the identified companies to support them in their decarbonisation journey.

Intesa Sanpaolo will offer companies in the Lucart supply chain lines of credit as well as lease and rental services, with ad hoc solutions available to enable companies investing in cutting-edge and environmentally sustainable technologies to embark on the energy transition.

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