Turin/Milan, 20 January 2022 – Intesa Sanpaolo has been recognised as one of the best employers in Italy by the Top Employers Institute, the global body that certifies excellence in human resources, analysing and evaluating six macro-areas comprising twenty categories and best practices, including benefits, career development, training, respect for diversity, welfare and talent attraction.

Paola Angeletti, Chief Operating Officer Intesa Sanpaolo, commented: "Being recognised as a top employer provides an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to both the protection of employment and the ability to attract the best candidates and applicants, particularly with respect to the new professionals that a leading banking group looks to in digital and innovation. The success of our Bank – which is the largest private employer in Italy – is inextricably linked, in view of the coming challenges, to the quality and professionalism of the people who work there with competence and enthusiasm."

The Top Employer 2022 certification recognises the Group's commitment to its people through an integrated ESG strategy that includes innovative organisational methods, one of the largest and most articulated second-level welfare systems, inclusion and parenting projects. The Bank offers state-of-the-art training and professional development programs and an ability to attract talent. It is recognised by leading international indices as one of the most inclusive and diversity-conscious workplaces in the world and was recently awarded the Linkedin Talent Award. Through the CareLab platform, which has been recognised by Brandon Hall Group for the benefits it has generated, more than 500 services for the physical and emotional well-being of individuals and their families are available free of charge, including an online gym, yoga, emotion management, a peer sports challenge app, and nutrition tips.

Intesa Sanpaolo has announced the hiring of 4,600 people by 2025.

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Intesa Sanpaolo is a wealth management & protection company, Italy’s leading bank and one of the most solid and profitable bank groups in Europe. It offers commercial, corporate investment banking, private banking, asset management and insurance services. The Intesa Sanpaolo Group has approximately 13.5 million customers in Italy and 7.1 million customers abroad through commercial banking subsidiaries in 12 countries in Central-Eastern Europe and Middle East and North Africa as well an international network to support corporate customers across 25 countries. Intesa Sanpaolo is recognized as one of the most sustainable banks in the world and is committed to becoming a reference model in terms of sustainability and social and cultural responsibility. Intesa Sanpaolo supports major economic inclusion and poverty reduction projects, including a €1.5 billion impact fund for loans to social groups who struggle to access credit. The Group has a €6 billion fund dedicated to the circular economy. The Group is also deeply involved in cultural initiatives in Italy and further afield, with the aim of preserving, promoting and sharing Italy’s historical and artistic heritage, also thanks to permanent and temporary exhibitions hosted at the Gallerie d’Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo’s museums located in Milan, Naples, Vicenza and, soon, Turin.

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