• Proverbio: "Technology will be at the heart of the transformation of how banking is done, because business and technical choices influence and enable each other. The new organisation will put technology in a strong relationship with its users, and the addition of 2,000 people will ensure that technology management is truly a core competence of the bank, but also a growth driver for digital skills in Italy."

Milan, 22 May 2023 – Intesa Sanpaolo is launching a new Governance Area dedicated to Innovation and Information Technology in line with the main objectives of its 2022-25 Business Plan.

The new organisational structure aims to further enhance and strengthen the relationship with the business, ensuring that the development of technology solutions and adoption of new technologies such as the cloud and AI are even more effective, flexible and integrated, as well as more attractive to the business world.

The new Governance Area incorporates the market best practices typical of tech companies, highlighting distinctive elements of the company's strategy – such as investments in artificial intelligence, the cloud, cyber security and the new digital bank – while ensuring the supervision of Group-wide information systems in Italy and abroad. Based on the pursuit of simplification and efficiency, it aims to further strengthen the focus on maintaining high levels of service while containing costs and risks.

People are a fundamental element of the new structure. Alongside the talented individuals already at the company, the structure will be reinforced, as envisaged in the business plan, by the addition of approximately 2,000 IT professionals, to be recruited from among the best on the market, to be offered constant professional development and growth over time, making Intesa Sanpaolo an increasingly innovative, attractive employer.

Within the Chief Data, A.I., Innovation and Technology Officer (C-DAITO) Governance Area, which remains under the responsibility of Massimo Proverbio, three coordination areas have been created (Group Technology, entrusted to Enrico Bagnasco; Digital Business Partner, entrusted to Vanna Alfieri; and Transformation, entrusted to Paola Papanicolaou). The Artificial Intelligence function will see further development, the Bank's information assets (entrusted to Marco Ditta) will be leveraged and the Cybersecurity function (which remains under Fabio Ugoste) will be enhanced to continue to guarantee that customers operate in a secure environment.

"The new Governance Area," commented Massimo Proverbio, "arises from the need to put technology at the heart of the transformation of the way we do banking. It is a journey we have to take in step with the business, because business choices and technical choices influence and enable each other. We are already taking an agile approach to rethink the digital platforms serving customers and core banking, to introduce more effective, responsible use of data and AI at the Bank. The new organisation enables this evolution because it puts technology in a strong relationship with its users – a relationship that must have strong proactive, transformative content. This organisational structure also allows us to deploy more managers and senior figures able to devote themselves to experimenting with and deploying increasingly innovative and digital solutions. The strengthening of our IT department, with the addition of 2,000 people, will make technology management truly a core competence of the bank, attractive to those who wish to experiment with new technologies such as the cloud, AI and new architectures, but also a growth driver for digital skills in Italy."

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