800 high school students have already received Intesa Sanpaolo scholarships to study abroad

Milan, 25 May 2023 – For over 20 years, Intesa Sanpaolo has supported Fondazione Intercultura in promoting study-abroad programmes. Thanks to the Group's support, 800 students from all over Italy and abroad were able to participate in study programmes in various countries around the world. This year, with the Bank's contribution, 19 high school students will study abroad for the 2023-24 school year.

Intesa Sanpaolo believes in the value of interculturality for young students and in the importance of fostering dialogue between cultures. The support is part of the Bank's educational inclusion programme, which also extends to opportunities for international experiences to enrich personal knowledge and soft skills.

Today, at the Palazzo Belgioioso Conference Centre in Milan, during an event entitled “Moving minds! Global education for young people”, the subjects of discussion included interculturality and the internationalisation of Italian schools.

The speakers on behalf of Intesa Sanpaolo were Elisa Zambito Marsala, Head of Social Development and University Relations, and Roberto Ruffino, Secretary General of Intercultura, in addition to Marcello Bettoni, Member of the Staff of the ANP National Chairman, National Association of Public School Administrators and Senior Personnel, Carmela Palumbo, Head of the Education and Training System Department of the Ministry of Education and Merit, and Davide Dattoli, Founder and Executive Chairman of Talent Garden, who participated in a discussion on the importance of international experiences for young people as part of the educational process and efforts to hone transversal skills. During the event, the students, accompanied by their families, received the Intercultura scholarship.

Elisa Zambito Marsala, Head of Social Development and University Relations Intesa Sanpaolo, commented: “The commitment to guarantee young people the right to education is a priority for us. Supporting young people's access to education and their conscious choice of educational paths means preventing school dropout and thus reducing social inequalities. Intesa Sanpaolo has always paid great attention to the education of young people, to the development of transversal skills, and to the support for the internationalisation of schools – all tools that enable young people to adapt to an ever-changing working environment – a commitment that we share with the Intercultura programme.”

Roberto Ruffino, Secretary General of Fondazione Intercultura, commented: I would like to thank Intesa Sanpaolo for once again renewing its support for Intercultura's programmes. We are particularly proud to see 19 girls and boys set out for various destinations around the world. Intesa Sanpaolo's support is not only an important benefit for the students, who will enjoy fundamental opportunities for their future career choices, but also a stimulus for Italian schools to internationalise and enrich themselves by engaging in dialogue with the educational systems of other countries.”

The synergy with Fondazione Intercultura is part of the ESG commitment pursued by Intesa Sanpaolo, which, in line with the EU's Strategic Research Agenda and the fourth mission of the NRRP, promotes partnerships with schools and universities through joint scholarship, lecture, research support and international exchange programmes.

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