• Leading operators have pooled their experience to create a new concept of the real estate agency, able to serve its customers nationwide through proprietary agencies, traditional services and a strong technological component.
  • The company will be open to collaboration with other networks and banks, according to an "open proptech platform" approach.
  • The initial investment by Intesa Sanpaolo and BPERBanca will amount to Euro 15 million to upgrade services and communication.
  • Intesa Sanpaolo will have a 49% interest in the new company, Homepal's current shareholders 34% and BPER 17%.
  • Andrea Lacalamita, Homepal's chairman, will be given the helm.

Turin, Milan, 12 September 2023Intesa Sanpaolo, Homepal and BPER Banca have struck a strategic and commercial partnership to form a real estate company with the goal of enhancing and developing business in the sector, in which the companies have concluded approximately ten thousand real estate sale transactions since launch.

Intesa Sanpaolo Casa offers real estate brokerage and advisory services through a network of agencies in major Italian cities. Homepal is a next-generation online real estate agency, which supports customers in the various stages of buying and selling real estate, through a digital platform and real estate agents operating remotely.

The transaction will take place through the contribution by Intesa Sanpaolo of its 100% shareholding in Intesa Sanpaolo Casa and its subsequent merger into Homepal.

The aim is to create a new player operating across the Italian market, drawing on the complementary service models of Intesa Sanpaolo Casa and Homepal. By leveraging the Intesa Sanpaolo and BPER networks, this new operator will meet customers' property buying and selling needs through technological services, a physical presence in major cities and, of course, the experience of its agents. In other words, proptech with a human touch!

Another distinguishing factor is that the company was created with a strong B2B component, designed to support the activities of other banks and industrial networks interested in participating in the development of a new growth model: a distinctive, collaborative "open proptech platform".

The company transition will leverage all employees and agents of Intesa Sanpaolo Casa and Homepal, who will thus become part of the new company. The new organisation will thus be able to count on an initial sales network of over 60 people, with the aim of creating a leading player in the sector.

Following the transaction, Intesa Sanpaolo will have a 49% interest in Homepal. The remainder of capital will be held 34% by Homepal's current shareholders and 17% by BPER Banca. The company will be led by Andrea Lacalamita, Homepal's chairman.

Intesa Sanpaolo and BPER Banca will make a total initial investment of Euro 15 million to upgrade services and communication.

"Our goal in creating this company is to form a successful new player in a market in which we have invested and in which we continue to believe. Together with an industrial and technological partner with proven innovation experience such as Homepal, we will pursue growth targets, thanks to BPER's further investment in the shareholding structure. This project's strengths lie in developing end-to-end, rigorous, digital and polite customer service and in opening the model to all companies that want in, generating growth and satisfaction for all. It will be the first open proptech open in the Italian market," said Stefano Barrese, Head of Intesa Sanpaolo's Banca dei Territori Division. "For Intesa Sanpaolo, this represents a further step towards the digital transformation envisaged in the 2022-2025 Business Plan."

"We are thrilled with this result and grateful for the trust placed in us by Italy's first- and third-largest banks," said Andrea Lacalamita, Homepal's Chairman. "Our business model will combine highly experienced real estate agents, agencies in the best Italian cities with premium locations (Milan, Rome, Turin, Padua, Genoa, Florence, Bologna and Padua, with further openings to follow) and technology, making us competitive with the most innovative models at an international level, while maintaining strong human contact with our customers. We will be the only operator to combine a major physical presence with the ability to conclude real estate transactions in any city in Italy."

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Intesa Sanpaolo è il maggior gruppo bancario in Italia – punto di riferimento di famiglie, imprese e dell’economia reale – con una significativa presenza internazionale. Il business model distintivo di Intesa Sanpaolo la rende leader a livello europeo nel Wealth Management, Protection & Advisory e ne caratterizza il forte orientamento al digitale e al fintech, in particolare con Isybank, la banca digitale del Gruppo. Una banca efficiente e resiliente, è capogruppo di fabbriche prodotto nell’asset management e nell’assicurazione. Il forte impegno in ambito ESG prevede, entro il 2025, 115 miliardi di euro di finanziamenti impact, destinati alla comunità e alla transizione verde, e contributi per 500 milioni a supporto delle persone in difficoltà, posizionando Intesa Sanpaolo ai vertici mondiali per impatto sociale. Intesa Sanpaolo ha assunto impegni Net Zero per le proprie emissioni entro il 2030 ed entro il 2050 per i portafogli prestiti e investimenti, l’asset management e l’attività assicurativa. Convinta sostenitrice della cultura italiana, ha sviluppato una rete museale, le Gallerie d’Italia, sede espositiva del patrimonio artistico della banca e di progetti artistici di riconosciuto valore.

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Homepal was founded in 2014 by Andrea Lacalamita, Fabio Marra, Monica Regazzi and a group of managers and entrepreneurs. It is a next-generation digital real estate agency that simplifies searching for and selling real estate with advanced solutions, supporting customers throughout the real estate brokerage process, from the first click to the handing-over of the keys to the house, for a simple, unique and engaging experience. Homepal puts the customer's needs first and offers a significant savings compared to traditional agencies.

With more than 500,000 registered users and around 3,500 completed transactions since its launch, the company has been honoured over the years with prestigious awards, including the FINTECH AWARD. It also won the SESA AWARDS in the e-commerce category for all of Southern Europe. Finally, the company is among the Growth Leaders 2022 according to Il Sole 24 Ore and the Financial Times.

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BPER Banca is the parent company of the BPER Group, Italy's third-largest listed banking group, made up of three local banks (BPER Banca, Banco di Sardegna and Banca Cesare Ponti) that serve more than five million customers through a broad sales network of 1,700 branches and the professionalism of 21,000 employees. The Group also includes numerous product and service companies and operates in all major market segments (corporate and investment banking, wealth management and insurance, leasing, factoring and consumer credit). Thanks to a strong network of equity investments and partnerships, it also offers qualified service in all major international markets. BPER Banca supports and connects individuals, businesses and communities, nurturing business projects and fostering the growth of families and neighbourhoods. It promotes innovative solutions integrated with ESG criteria to combine business growth and financial strength with social and environmental sustainability. It also offers an easy, accessible banking experience in its digital offerings; it believes in the values of efficiency and proximity, whether physical or technological. It primarily supports sport, literature and culture as effective levers for promoting a positive impact on the country and the future of the younger generations. Through "La Galleria BPER", BPER Banca manages its cultural heritage with the goal of developing, preserving and ensuring the accessibility of one of Italy's largest corporate collections.

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