SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advance rockets and spacecraft

Milan, 6 ottobre 2023 – In line with the 2022-2025 Business Plan, which makes innovation one of its main pillars, Intesa Sanpaolo invests in SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.). SpaceX is a privately held company based in Hawthorne, California, and the world’s leading provider of launch services.

SpaceX has gained worldwide attention for a series of historic milestones. It is the only private company capable of returning a spacecraft from low-Earth orbit. In 2012, its Dragon spacecraft became the first commercial spacecraft to deliver cargo to and from the International Space Station. In 2020, SpaceX became the first private company to take humans there as well. Its Falcon 9 is the world’s first and only orbital class reusable rocket. Reusability allows SpaceX to refly the most expensive parts of the rocket, which in turn drives down the cost of space access.

Building on these achievements, SpaceX is developing Starship – a next generation of fully reusable launch vehicles that will be the most powerful ever built, capable of carrying humans to Mars and other destinations in the solar system.

SpaceX is also leveraging its deep experience with both spacecraft and on-orbit operations to deploy the world’s most advanced broadband internet system. Starlink is the world’s first, largest and satellite internet system delivering high speed, low-latency internet to users all over the world, supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls and more. 

Intesa Sanpaolo believes the aerospace sector can play a crucial role in driving the development and growth of the world's economies. That's why the Group has chosen to invest in a company that has shown a cutting-edge vision for the future.


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