10 million euro with Green Guarantee to support investments in sustainability projects

The commitment to the development of an increasingly integrated business model with ESG issues continues

The funding will support projects related to one of the 4 Pillars of the ESG 2030 plan: “WIIT4Climate”


Milan, 18 January 2023 – Sustainable growth is increasingly at the heart of the development projects of WIIT S.p.A. ("WIIT" or the "Company"; ISIN IT0005440893; WIIT.MI), one of the leading European players in the enterprise cloud computing services market, focused on the provision of continuous Hybrid and Private Cloud services for critical applications. A strategy shared by Intesa Sanpaolo, from which the company obtained a loan of 10 million euro, assisted by the SACE Green Guarantee. The intervention is part of the broader plan of Intesa Sanpaolo to support corporate investments in environmental transition and objectives related to PNRR.

The funding will support the pursuit of the Environmental Objectives (WIIT4Climate), specifically for the purchase of new servers, storage and software. The exponential increase in digital traffic volumes is in fact forcing ICT companies to adopt energy-efficient solutions and to move towards the production and procurement of energy from renewable sources. In line with this need, cloud providers and data centre companies are looking for innovative technology solutions to reduce business energy consumption.

For Intesa Sanpaolo, it is essential to promote the development of a sustainable economy and, thanks also to its collaboration with SACE, it supports businesses, especially SMEs, in sustainability, innovation and environmental impact reduction projects.

The Group launched the "Motore Italia Transizione Energetica" programme, which provides 76 billion euro of the 410 billion euro to support projects and investments in line with the PNRR objectives. The programme aims to foster the energy self-sufficiency processes of Italian companies with a specific project related to Renewable Energy Communities (REC).

SACE plays a leading role in Italy's ecological transition. The company, in fact, can issue green guarantees on domestic projects that facilitate the transition to an economy with a lower environmental impact, integrate production cycles with low-emission technologies for the production of sustainable goods and services, and promote initiatives to develop a new, lower-emission mobility.

This operation, realised thanks to synergies with the SACE Network, is part of the green convention with Intesa Sanpaolo, in which SACE intervenes with a guarantee to cover financing intended both for large industrial reconversion projects and for SMEs wishing to reduce their environmental impact and undertake sustainable transformation.




"We are very proud that Intesa San Paolo and SACE have believed in our ESG project to 2030 and the disbursement of a 10 million euro loan with a Green Guarantee to support investments in sustainability projects and in particular, in the pursuit of Environmental Objectives (WIIT4Climate) is proof of this," says Alessandro Cozzi, CEO of WIIT. "The appreciation that WIIT continues to receive from the financial community encourages us to set business growth targets that are increasingly integrated with sustainability with a medium- to long-term vision and, in this particular case, in fostering the energy autonomy processes of our Data Centers".


"We want to support WIIT in this project since it has a positive impact on the territory and the community and demonstrates an innovative and sustainable business strategy," said Pierluigi Monceri, Regional Director of Milan, Monza and Brianza Intesa Sanpaolo. "We continue to ensure financial support for investments in transformative green, energy and digital transition projects in line with the PNRR initiatives. Thanks to "Motore Italia Transizione Energetica", our Group provides concrete support to businesses, generating economic, environmental, and social benefits for the community and fostering the development of new energy communities".





WIIT S.p.A., a company listed on the Euronext Star Milan (“STAR”) segment, is a leader in the cloud computing market. The company has a pan-European footprint and is present in key markets such as Italy and Germany, positioning itself among the main operators in the provision of innovative Hosted Private and Hybrid Cloud technological solutions. WIIT operates its own data centers in 6 regions - 4 in Germany and 2 in Italy - of which 2 are Premium Zone-enabled, i.e. with Tier IV data centers certified by the Uptime Institute and with the highest levels of security in the design phase. WIIT has 6 SAP certifications at the highest level of specialisation. The end-to-end approach allows the company to provide partner companies with personalised services, with high added value and with the highest safety and quality standards for the management of critical applications and operational continuity, guaranteeing maximum reliability in the implementation of the main international application platforms (SAP, Oracle and Microsoft). Since 2022, the WIIT Group has joined the United Nations Global Compact. (www.wiit.cloud)


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