“CresciBusiness Progettiamo Sostenibile” aimed at over four million manufacturing and trading companies


· Goal: to reward best practices and promote sustainability as a factor of growth

·  Partners: Cerved, Intrum and Regalgrid, in cooperation with Monitor Deloitte and with support from Visa

· The new programme is part of the broader “Crescibusiness” national plan that makes available €5 billion in loans for digitalisation and sustainability development measures

Milan, 27 February 2024 “Crescibusiness Progettiamo Sostenibile”, the new development initiative dedicated by Intesa Sanpaolo to small businesses and self-employed professionals in commerce, handicrafts, personal services, dining and tourism, is now underway. It seeks to reward best practices in the ESG sphere and to promote sustainability as a growth and development factor for companies, in line with the NRRP and the Group's Business Plan.

These issues have become a priority on the Italian economic agenda and also affect the many small companies able to reduce their environmental impact and increase their social value through simple, sustainable practices. Actions that translate into tangible, measurable values, such as reducing water and electricity use, using recycled materials, reorganising production processes to cut waste, reusing waste according to a circular approach and collaborating between companies within virtuous ecosystems. A culture of sustainability is also making headway at these companies: more than four million businesses – of which over 800,000 Intesa Sanpaolo customers – accounting for 95% of Italian companies with fewer than ten employees and up to €2.5 million in turnover.

With “Crescibusiness Progettiamo Sostenibile” Intesa Sanpaolo aims to support the growth of the many companies that, while smaller in size, have successfully begun the process of improving their sustainability profiles. From the candidacies received by 31/05/2024 at https://www.intesasanpaolo.com/it/business/landing/info/progettiamo-sostenibile.html, those most attentive to certain ESG parameters will be selected:

-  reducing the use of natural resources and waste

-  the proportion of women, including in management positions

-  training hours for employees, customer satisfaction

-  the ability to develop local excellence, including at the micro-chain level.

Thanks to the contribution of prestigious partners – Cerved, Intrum and Regalgrid, with the collaboration of Monitor Deloitte and support from Visa – companies participating in the “Crescibusiness Progettiamo Sostenibile” programme will be included in a growth process in the three ESG areas – environmental, social and governance – while also benefiting from information activities and workshops. Dedicated products, such as the new line of investment solutions S-Loan Progetti Green, for planning and executing sustainable investments, also supported by the Guarantee Fund, have also been designed for them.

“Crescibusiness Progettiamo Sostenibile” is part of Intesa Sanpaolo's broader national “Crescibusiness” plan, which makes €5 billion available to small businesses in the tourism, trade and craft sectors for development measures in pursuit of digitalisation, sustainability and innovation. The initiative continues the positive experience of “Digitalizziamo”, the first edition of this programme dedicated to technological innovation, which in 2023 registered over 2000 applications and rewarded the virtuous projects of 120 companies. 

The vitality of businesses is the real driver of the local and national economy. This is why over time we have identified a development programme for each business segment, from the smallest to the most mature companies,” commented Stefano Barrese, Head of Intesa Sanpaolo's Banca dei Territori Division. “Among the 800,000 small companies we serve, we find many virtuous examples that already today consider sustainability and respect for the environment and for individuals a crucial factor for their growth and competitiveness. Over the last three years we have disbursed more than €14 billion to them, combining the excellent service of Italy's leading bank with a connection with entrepreneurs and the communities in which they operate".

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