Start-up company produces Airlite, the paint that purifies the air

Milan, 21 May 2024 Intesa Sanpaolo is investing in The Blue Planet, a start-up that produces Airlite, an innovative technology behind an environmentally friendly paint that can transform the walls of homes, offices, hospitals and schools into large natural air purifiers.

The investment is about 18% of equity.

Airlite is not only intended for the architectural paint industry, but is also applied to functional coatings for specific markets such as fashion and automotive, with constant investment in research and development.

Airlite paint is 100% green for interiors and exteriors, capable of cleaning the air of pollutants such as smog, thus improving the living comfort of buildings. It is based on a patented technology that uses the same physical principle as used by nature to clean the air and makes it possible to transform any wall into a purifier by generating negative ions that neutralise pollutants.

This mechanism eliminates pollutants, moulds and bad smells, prevents dirt from settling on the walls and kills up to 99% of viruses and bacteria. It also contributes significantly to the fight against climate change by reducing CO2 emissions related to the building sector by up to 80% compared to conventional products. In addition, when applied outdoors, the paint reflects the warm component of sunlight, saving up to 30% on electricity for cooling.


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