Equity & Credit

FTSE MIB BASKET DAILY * Daily analysis on the Italian stocks of the FTSE MIB index, indicating operative guidelines, short and medium/long term trends with targets and support/resistance levels.
FTSE MIB FUTURE DAILY * Daily analysis on the Italian Equity future FTSE MIB,  with short-term forecasts, comments and trends, technical levels, a trading system and weekly ranges. Research available only in Italian.

Weekly analysis on the Small&Mid cap segment of the Italian Euronext Milan stock exchange, covering those issuers for whom IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division has a specialist/corporate broker contract, with indication of the trends and support/resistance levels, together with targets and statistical stress signals.
Weekly analysis on Brent, Italy’s PSV Natural Gas contract and on a third commodity selected from the Commodity Future Daily, covering the main commodity future contracts traded on the major international markets with short and medium-term forecasts, trends, technical levels and a trading system.