Areas of action

The sums set aside by the Fund are intended to support charitable initiatives with social, welfare, educational and cultural goals and scientific research.

The donations are granted to beneficiaries in the following areas:


The SOCIAL Area, which the majority of the Fund's resources are allocated to, regards initiatives aimed at assisting and supporting individuals (childhood, troubled youths, old people), disease prevention and treatment, fighting against poverty and social/economic hardship, the protection of human rights, social inclusion, employability, international cooperation, and environmental conservation.

The CULTURAL Area includes projects addressed to those with limited economic means or vulnerable and marginalized individuals. Aim of the initiatives is the social inclusion of beneficiaries through cultural and artistic activities.

The RELIGIOUS AND CHARITABLE Area includes charitable projects for people in need organised by organisations of any religion or faith. 

The RESEARCH Area concerns any sector in science or technology fields (health, scientific or technological research, and the field of human and social sciences) with a focus on trialling and the sharing of benefits among the people.