Our commitment to sustainability

"For Intesa Sanpaolo being sustainable means going above and beyond the mere expression of our principles and translating our values into a daily and credible commitment, resulting from a precise strategy, of cohesive company policies, of actions and of behaviour that is attentive to the needs to those that are connected to us".

Elena Flor - Corporate Social Responsibility 

Commitment towards the real economy

We are a bank that is at the service of the real economy: our first commitment is to support families and business in the communities where we operate.

250 billion euros

of medium-long term credit that we expect to be disbursed into the real economy during the lifespan of our plan

58 billion euros

of medium-long term credit disbursed in 2019

18,500 italian companies

have been reinstated as solvent from previously non-performing loans in 2019

Commitment towards society

We commit to society and the community through various initiatives. 

  • We intend to become the first Impact Bank in the world, with funds specifically intended to guarantee loans to people within society that would otherwise have difficulty accessing credit, notwithstanding their potential. The first initiative of our Impact Fund was “Per Merito”, an “honour loan” for deserving students. Launched in January 2020 two new initiatives to support working mothers and people over 50 who have lost their jobs or have difficulty accessing pension treatment.
  • We support those in difficulty, in particular through our project “Food and Shelter for disadvantaged people", intended to provide meals, clothing, shelter, and medicines to vulnerable people. Our structure dedicated towards Social Enhancement takes care of the planning of specific initiatives, creating a network with third sector organizations as a means of multiplying of impact across the territory. Social commitment is part of our history: we are the largest financier of the third sector in Italy.
  • We enhance the value of the artistic, cultural, and historical heritage of our group, to promote art and culture in Italy and abroad.

3.8 billion euro

Loans granted for social purposes in 2019

200 million euro

In loans in support of the third sector and social enterprises in 2019

8.7 million

Meals distributed every day to disadvantaged people between 2018-2021

Commitment towards the environment

We mobilise for the environment. Our business plan specifically involves the development of the Circular Economy, through the financing and launch of a dedicated investment fund. We also created “Circular Economy Lab”, the first Italian laboratory in the country, conceived and built alongside the Cariplo Foundation and Cariplo Factory.

2.2 billion euro

Loans granted for environmental purposes in 2019

First Italian Bank

To issue a Green Bond (value of 500 million euro)


Reduction of emissions of CO2 in 2019

Commitment toward people

Through all of these actions, we strive towards benefitting society with our ability to read and anticipate greater economic, environmental, and technological tendencies, as well as with our proven ability to obtain tangible results, and our intellectual and human capital. Our over 88,000 people represent a fundamental resource for achieving the goals set out in the business plan, thanks to their commitment, talent, and professionalism.


People in the Group (after the deduction of employees with atypical contracts)

about 11 million

Hours of training delivered

about 17,250

People adhered to the flexible-working program

Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2020

For the second year in a row, Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the very few banks in the world to voluntarily publish a infra-annual non-financial report.

Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2019

The 2019 Consolidated Consolidated Non-financial  Statement, which reports the Group's commitment and objectives in the field of sustainability, has been published. The document confirms the central role of Intesa Sanpaolo in supporting projects aimed at the social, cultural and civil growth of the communities in which it operates.

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