Diversity & Inclusion

The enhancement of people, their diversity and inclusion policies are a fundamental element of the people strategy and an essential ingredient in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy. Companies that are able to express a high rate of diversity – for example gender, age, cultural and professional background – can have a wider spectrum of views, opinions and experiences, thus bringing greater value to policy decisions. 

For years Intesa Sanpaolo has been committed to enhancing the diversity and promoting inclusion as essential components for the Group's growth. The Structure Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) presides over the implementation of all D&I initiatives, in line with a vision of shared inclusion at the Group level.

Intesa Sanpaolo's Inclusion policy is made explicit within a policy, which has respect, meritocracy and equal opportunities as its basic values.

The Policy also identifies concrete commitments that Intesa Sanpaolo assumes in promoting an inclusive environment and defines the behavior expected by everyone. A specific section is dedicated to commitments on gender equity, aimed at ensuring fair opportunities in the processes of hiring, promotion to roles of responsibility, appointments to management and in the succession plan for top management.

There are numerous projects and initiatives launched by the Group over time, in terms of diversity and inclusion.

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Culture of inclusion

The dissemination of the culture of inclusion is a fundamental element of the Group's D&I strategy and translates into training, communication and awareness-raising initiatives towards all people, at all organizational levels.

The culture of inclusion starts from the top, with the involvement of all top management in a managerial discussion on Inclusive Leadership, which will be gradually extended to all other managerial levels.

There are also many listening initiatives that involve the entire company population, with the aim of understanding their perceptions and needs and providing valuable insights for defining the Group's inclusion initiatives.

Additional digital initiatives to raise awareness on inclusion are periodically conveyed to specific targets, such as management, key figures in HR Management or people included in particular growth paths, through specific formats and platforms.

Enhancement of female talent

Intesa Sanpaolo has always been committed to the full enhancement of female talent, facilitating the presence of women in every professional context and at every hierarchical level.

In Intesa Sanpaolo, women represent 54% of total company employees and in particular:

  • 40% of management (middle management and executive management)
  • 28.6% of executive management.

Women also make up 19.6% of direct reports to Top Management and, overall, the percentage of women in the First and Second Line reporting to the Chief Executive Officer is 18.3%.

In order to continue and accelerate the process of enhancing female talent, gender equity commitments have been defined within the Principles on Diversity & Inclusion in hiring, in the basins for promotions to the first managerial roles and for management, as well as in accessing top management roles.

In order to enhance female talent and encourage the creation of inclusive work contexts, multiple development initiatives have been launched for professional women and managers (job rotation, shadowing courses, training for female empowerment ...). There is also the "Female Leadership Acceleration" program, a development program aimed at high-potential female managers, with the aim of consolidating or developing their leadership potential and facilitating access to roles for further growth.

In support of gender equality and the enhancement of the role of women in society and in the business world, the Bank has signed international commitments to promote and enhance female talent.

Diversity & Inclusion Principles

The commitment to inclusion is increasingly important and this is why the bank has adopted a specific policy: the Principles on Diversity & Inclusion. In this document, Intesa Sanpaolo expresses its policy of inclusion towards all forms of diversity and based on respect for all people, on meritocracy and equal opportunities, also assuming concrete commitments in promoting an inclusive environment and defining the expected behaviors by everyone. A specific section is dedicated to commitments on gender equity, aimed at ensuring fair opportunities in the processes of hiring, promotion to roles of responsibility, promotions to the first managerial roles and in the succession plan for top management. 

A further objective, introduced in the new 2022-2025 Group Plan, focuses attention on senior leadership roles: Intesa Sanpaolo is committed to ensuring that the new appointments for senior positions - first and second reported by the CEO - are balanced by gender.

Read our paper dedicated to the Principles!

The recognition of international indices

Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment to gender equity is recognized by various international indices, including Bloomberg, which analyzes listed companies with capitalization greater than one billion dollars and includes in its Gender Equality Index those that stand out mostcommitment to reduce the gender gap. Intesa Sanpaolo, in 2022, is among the 418 companies cited in the Index, obtaining a score higher than 82, about 10 points higher than the average of the global financial sector and 11 points higher than the overall average of the companies in the index. 

Intesa Sanpaolo is also the first bank in Europe and second at global level in the Refinitiv Global Diversity and Inclusion Index 2022, which selects the 100 companies in the world listed on the stock exchange, the most inclusive and attentive to diversity in the workplace. Each year, Refinitiv evaluates the work of listed corporate companies in terms of diversity and inclusion: being included in this index represents a further recognition of the Group's commitment to inclusion. In this latest edition, Intesa Sanpaolo ranked 16th, with a significant improvement compared to the 50th position in 2021. 

GEEIS - Diversity Certification

Intesa Sanpaolo is the first bank in Italy and among the first in Europe to receive the Gender Equality European & International Standard (GEEIS-Diversity), an international certification of the Arborus Association issued through Bureau Veritas and aimed at evaluating and enhancing the commitment of organizations on diversity and inclusion. The certificate obtained refers to all the banks and companies of the Group in Italy.

Logo certificazione GEEIS
Women's Empowerment Principles Subscription

Intesa Sanpaolo has signed the Women's Empowerment Principles, promoted by the United Nations Organization, define guidelines for companies on which to base concrete actions for gender equity and women's empowerment. According to these principles, companies are committed to promoting gender equity and ensuring, with transparency, professional development, safety, well-being and health for all women and workers.  

ABI Card: Women in Bank

Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the under-subscribers of the ABI Charter "Women in the Bank; gender diversity." In accordance with the principles promoted by the Italian Banking Association, Intesa Sanpaolo is committed to enhancing its business policies according to the principle of equal opportunities, promoting an inclusive and open working environment to all values of diversity, strengthening its processes to promote gender equality and full female participation at every level of the company. 

Valore D

Intesa Sanpaolo is a supporting member of Valore D, the association of businesses to promote female diversity, talent and leadership for the growth of companies and the country.

In 2017 Valore D launched the Manifesto for Female Employment, a programmatic commitment shared by the associated companies, including Intesa Sanpaolo. The Partnership is a constant opportunity to spread and increase the inclusive culture, also through numerous training initiatives and dedicated development paths. Among the topics discussed: leadership, entrepreneurship, inclusive strategies, work-life balance.

Inspiring Girls

In collaboration with Valore D, Intesa Sanpaolo supports Inspiring Girls Italy, an initiative dedicated to girls and boys of high schools, with the aim of strengthening self-confidence and support, girls in particular, to overcome gender stereotypes that can hinder dreams and ambitions

The promotion of female talent in the STEM fields

STEM is the English acronym for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics" and indicates the scientific-technological disciplines and related courses of study. The Intesa Sanpaolo Group pays particular attention to the enhancement of female talent within the STEM field, with the aim of facilitating the access of women with high potential in the structures where the technical-scientific-IT professions are prevalent. In these contexts, Intesa Sanpaolo works with the utmost care and attention to support their growth.

With regard to the enhancement of female talent, Intesa Sanpaolo has launched the YEP - Mentoring for the Future of University Students path, developed in collaboration with Ortygia Business School. The initiative includes a mentoring process aimed at bringing young female students (mentees) from Southern Italy closer to the world of work, benefiting - through individual coaching - from the experience of Intesa Sanpaolo female managers and professionals (mentors). Through partnerships with the Universities of Southern Italy, five scholarships will also be disbursed over the next three years to female students for study paths at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) faculties, to actively contribute to attracting more female students in technical-scientific faculties, which offer greater employment prospects. 

In addition, Intesa Sanpaolo and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center support and accompany young students in their choice of STEM degree courses at the Politecnico di Milano. Thanks to the Girls @ Polimi program, promoted by the Politecnico di Milano, our Group offers 6 scholarships for as many young and future engineers.

Women Value Company

Intesa Sanpaolo with the Marisa Bellisario Foundation, has set up in 2017 the "Women Value Company " award. The award, in 2019 at the third edition, is dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises that have implemented concrete and innovative policies and strategies to guarantee men and women equal opportunities and career recognition.

Other inclusion initiatives beyond the company

To bring the values ​​of inclusion also outside the context of the Group, during 2021 we actively participated in various events dedicated to the themes of enhancing diversity, including: 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion, the marathon of meetings dedicated to D&I issues a more than 200 companies have joined; the Global Inclusion event which annually brings together companies, schools and universities, civil society and the third sector; the Women's Forum G20 Italy, an international event held in Milan on the occasion of the Italian Presidency of G20 and dedicated to the issue of gender equity; the Girls Takeover, the female hackathon to which Intesa Sanpaolo joined for the second consecutive year as a partner.

The enhancement of female talent in the International Subsidiary Banks

The International Subsidiary Banks have introduced various initiatives with the aim of empowering women in the workplace.

  • Starting from 2018, CIB Bank offers the Womentoring Programme to inspire its female colleagues on conscious career planning and support the smooth reintegration of colleagues on maternity leave. By promoting flexible working solutions, such as part-time jobs and smart working, the Bank seeks to offer ways to balance employees’ private and professional life and close the gap between the company’s and the employee’s needs. Considering that maternity leave can last up to 3 years in Hungary, the programme foresees constant updates for maternity leavers on the corporate strategy, organization and open positions which might fit with their professional background, so that they can be successfully reintegrated in the company upon return.
  • Considering the growing women leadership in the bank’s management, Intesa Sanpaolo Banka Bosna i Hercegovina has also developed various workshops and roundtables dedicated to its female leaders to further develop their leadership competencies and assertiveness.

Support for parenting

Intesa Sanpaolo's corporate welfare offers various services and types of permits that integrate what is already provided for at the regulatory level. For example, as support for parenting, we note: paid leave for attending childbirth preparation courses, for the placement of children in the nursery or kindergarten, additional permissions / welfare initiatives to support parenting and caregiving.
To promote the participation of fathers in the care of their children, 6 optional days of paid leave on the occasion of the birth have been provided, additional to the provisions of the law, a company integration of 10%, in addition to the salary provided by INPS for parental leave for new fathers; and finally the 10-day extension of their parental leave beyond the legal limit.

A further initiative was launched on the subject of paternity and, more generally, parenting, consisting of a first moment of listening and discussion with more than 50 fathers from different Divisions and Government Areas. Starting from the needs expressed, from the experiences lived and from the ideas shared, specific initiatives will be designed to support parenting in Intesa Sanpaolo, with the aim of facilitating the reconciliation of personal and professional life times for parents and raising awareness among colleagues, as well as the managers on the topic of parenting in the Group.

Initiatives for the inclusion of people with disabilities

The accuracy with which the practices of inclusion of people with disabilities are managed has been recognized by the main agencies and associations active in the national territory: in 2019 Intesa Sanpaolo was awarded the Diversity & Inclusion Award, a recognized award for companies that promote start-up policies for people with frailties, aiming to enhance talent and skills. In particular, the recruitment of persons with disabilities in accordance with the agreements with the provinces in which there are scopes on the basis of Law 68/99, ensuring an entry role suitable for their skills and needs, as well as a professional development plan for the future. 

The reference in the company for all initiatives related to the world of disability and chronic diseases is the interfunctional Working Group created following the Inclusion Agreement of August 2018. Coordinated by the Welfare function, it has the active participation of over 70 colleagues representing of multiple corporate structures. The goal is to combine different professional skills with a team game, to support and enhance the contribution of all collaborators and promote as much as possible a condition of well-being and support in the development of life in the company, also enriching the welfare tools in support . The group periodically discusses with the trade unions within the Welfare, Safety and Sustainable Development Committee - a bilateral body made up of company and trade union representatives - for the definition of the initiatives to be undertaken and naturally works in synergy with the Diversity & Inclusion Function. In 2019, most of the members of the working group, together with representatives of all trade unions, participated in the Advanced Training Course "Disability Manager and the world of work" organized by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan. The participants, having passed the final exam, received the certification of the professional figure of Disability Manager by the Lombardy Region. The course has provided operational and cultural tools for the realization of a unitary and coordinated vision of the various skills, necessary to improve the quality and effectiveness of the policies for the insertion of people with disabilities and socio-work integration more generally. 

A 360 ° commitment, which also sees the active participation of Intesa Sanpaolo in inter-company work tables, such as "Enable Disability", where some of the most important companies, institutions and non-profit organizations confront each other constructively on all aspects the labor inclusion of people with disabilities.

Blind and visually impaired employees

All blind and visually impaired employees have a technology platform to support their activities, allowing them to independently access their email, surf the web and use "office automation" products.


Intesa Sanpaolo has always put a constant commitment in making the Bank more and more accessible both in terms of spaces/places such as branches (physical accessibility for people with disabilities has been guaranteed in most of our agencies), both in terms of digital applications (mobile apps...) and physical (e.m. ATMs) that can be enjoyed by customers/colleagues with disabilities. Intesa Sanpaolo has also activated a collaboration with Fondazione LIA (Accessible Italian Books) that has been working for years with the Italian Association of Publishers and with the Italian Union blind and visually impaired to expand the accessibility of its documents published both on the internet and on the company intranet. 

Accessibility and inclusion are also the hallmark of the Gallerie museum

Accessibility and inclusion are also the distinctive figure of the museum Gallery of Italy of Piazza Scala in Milan, which already offers visits for the blind and deaf (colleagues and not) and which presents overall features for access that have contributed to its recognition, starting in 2014, as a National Museum.

DSA Progress for Work

During 2018 the DSA Progress for Work project was carried out, in collaboration with the Italian Dyslexia Association, to allow the selection, positive inclusion and enhancement in the world of work of people with dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disorders (DSA). Intesa Sanpaolo was the first Italian Bank certified Dyslexia Friendly and has worked to ensure that its recruitment processes are non-discriminatory for people with Specific Learning Disorders.

Diversity - Awards and acknowledgments received

Banca Intesa Beograd award

Banca Intesa Beograd was awarded in 2019 by the Association of Business Women in Serbia for being one of the most gender-sensitive companies on the local market thanks to practices fostering the development of its female workforce and the promotion of women entrepreneurship in the country.

Privredna Banka Zagreb award

In 2019 Privredna Banka Zagreb won the "Family Friendly Employer" award in 2019 as an employer with the highest quality solutions in achieving a family friendly atmosphere for employees, that offers quality care programmes and an innovative solution that positively contributes to the work-life balance and the welfare of its employees.

Financial Times - Diversity Leaders 2021

The Financial Times has published the “Diversity Leaders 2021” report on diversity and inclusion in the company. The report includes a representative ranking of employers from all over Europe who have distinguished themselves on the increasingly important issue of managing diversity in the company: among these there is also Intesa Sanpaolo.

The ranking is based on a survey conducted by Statista. Thousands of employees across Europe were asked to rate their employers and those of other companies on the issues of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, disability, LGBTQ + and diversity in general . In total, the ratings of over 100,000 employees were collected. In addition to this, the testimonies of human resources and recruitment specialists were analyzed.

Diversity Brand Summit

Intesa Sanpaolo is in the Top 20 of the Diversity Brand Index (DBI) 2021, the national index that measures the perception of consumers on the ability and commitment of brands in terms of Diversity & Inclusion. During the 4th edition, the report was presented, summarized by an index produced by integrating the perceptions of consumers and the market, detected with a survey, with the assessments of a multi-university Scientific Committee.

People on long-term leave

As part of the initiatives to promote the inclusion and enhancement of the Group's people at different stages of their lives has been developed a path dedicated to colleagues who are absent from work for periods of more than three months (e.g. for maternity, expectation, illness...). The project was born with the aim of maintain a relationship of closeness and listening during absence, strengthening the sense of inclusion and belonging even in moments when you are away from the company.

Sexual orientation and gender equality

Joining Parks – Free and Equal

Intesa Sanpaolo is partner of Parks – Liberi e Uguali (Parks – Free and Equals), an association that, working closely with its network of companies, aims to help companies to promote their policy on inclusion, with a particular focus on affective orientation and gender identity in the workplace.

With this collaboration, Intesa Sanpaolo aims to set itself as an agent of a positive cultural change for the entire population of the Group, as well as as a reference to society, promoting the inclusion and respect of all LGBT people.

Strong attention is also given to people who undertake a path of gender transition and who may require adequate accompaniment to live with serenity in the work context such an important moment of individual affirmation.
It is precisely with this in mind that the Group has created a corporate process to support the social transition of people who request it and provides for moments of awareness for the work groups of people in transition.

ISPROUD, the Intesa Sanpaolo LGBTQ+ community

Generic image of ISPROUD

"To contribute to the development of a working environment where people can feel free to express themselves and their potential, supporting the values ​​expressed in Intesa Sanpaolo’s Principles of Diversity & Inclusion and in the Code of Ethics, highlighting the centrality of LGBTQ+ issues and their impact in the ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance dimensions".

This is the mission of ISPROUD, the community of LGBTQ+ people (or ERG - Employee Resource Group or affinity group) born spontaneously in March 2021 and grown thanks to word of mouth. Today it is a reality made up of people, both in Italy and abroad, who have met monthly since June of last year to discuss, share ideas and experiences to be translated into concrete proposals to be submitted to the company.

Rules for combating sexual harassment

To confirm the Group's strong commitment to preventing and combating any form of discrimination and harassment, the Rules for the Fight against Sexual Harassment have been drawn up.
The document presents the conducts that sexual harassment, the commitments of the Group and of all colleagues for their contrast are formalized. It also describes the process of managing the reports in all its phases, with clear timelines for the management of the same.
As part of the Group's commitment to this issue, a psychological support and legal information service was also set up, available to all victims of sexual harassment. The service, which makes use of the support of highly experienced psychologists and psychotherapists, is also for sexual harassment that occurs outside the workplace.

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