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Supporting production

Intesa Sanpaolo puts itself forward as a point of reference to support the country’s economic system and accompanies its customers in a consolidated and long-term relationship model founded on quality, reliability and trust. With regard to SMEs, it offers solutions that contribute to sharing their internationalisation, capitalisation, development and digitisation programmes, with particular attention to ESG issues and ecological transition.


2022 Results

~4,000 Italian companies helped to return from non-performing to performing status

>137,000 since 2014

~20,000 jobs preserved

690,000 since 2014

Motore Italia Transizione Energetica Programme

As part of Motore Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo’s programme to support the relaunch of the Italian production system in line with the key priorities in the NRRP, the “Motore Italia Transizione Energetica” initiative was launched in 2022.

The programme provides for some solutions to ease the financial impact of increased energy charges over a longer period, accompanied by proposals in support of investments in energy production from alternative sources for personal consumption with a view to gradually displacing traditional energy sources.

Together with SACE, the Bank allocated a provision of 10 billion euro to encourage investments in renewable energy by all companies, including an extra provision of 2 billion euro allocated in September 2022.

Dialogo Industriale and the Sviluppo Filiere Programmes

“Dialogo Industriale” (Industrial Dialogue) was created to increase the strength of dealings of managers with companies, identifying a common language for a better understanding of their needs, which is oriented to offering solutions better suited to the objectives and peculiarities of each company.
With the “Sviluppo Filiere” (Supply Chain Development) programme, a particular focus is put on the relationship that links lead companies with their network of direct and indirect suppliers and/or their network of retailers, enabling a more detailed understanding of the financial requirements of individual supply chains.In 2022, the “Dialogo Industriale” platform was expanded with new strategic information for assessing a company’s ESG profile and as part of the Supply Chain Development Programme, an offer is being developed to support the sustainable evolution of the supply chains, with the engagement of the chain leader and the suppliers to improve their sustainability profile. 


2022 Results

830 supply chains involved in “Sviluppo Filiere” programme
>19,600 suppliers potentially interested

>112,000 employees

Resto al Sud Programme

Since 2018, Intesa Sanpaolo has been a member of the “Resto al Sud” (I’m staying in the South) initiative, managed by Invitalia, which supports the creation and development of new businesses and freelance activities in Southern Italy. Subsequently, the measure was extended to the municipalities affected by the 2016-2017 earthquake and to the island, lagoon, and lake areas of Central Northern Italy where, at a communicative level, it was renamed “Resto Qui” (I’m staying here).
In partnership with Invitalia, Intesa Sanpaolo helped to promote awareness of the project in more than 50 dedicated local meetings (2018-2019) and 6 in-depth meetings as part of the 2022 Roadshow “Intesa Sanpaolo al fianco dei piccoli imprenditori” (Intesa Sanpaolo alongside small entrepreneurs). 

2022 Result

1,430 loans disbursed for an amount of €53 m

Imprese Vincenti Programme

For the enhancement of Italian entrepreneurial excellence, in 2022 the Group created the fourth edition of “Imprese Vincenti” (Winning Companies), the programme that highlights the growth and digital transformation programmes and the business models developed by companies, which are the driving force for this revival phase of the Italian economy. The objective is to provide visibility, development support programmes, strategic skills advice, training and workshops in collaboration with key partners.

The 2022 edition is focused on the territories and also on the initiatives of corporate development and on the growth guidelines of the NRRP, with the aim of giving value and voice to companies that are starting to grow again or are investing in order to do so, following the strategies supported by the NRRP.

2022 Results

>4.000 enterprises candidate
140 companies selected and celebrated as Imprese Vincenti (Winning Companies)

Welfare Hub

The Welfare Hub service, proposed as a sustainability instrument by the “Sviluppo Filiere” and “S-Loan” programmes, allows companies to provide bonuses to their employees in the form of welfare services, as an alternative to paying them in their salaries, thus taking advantage of the tax benefits provided by law for both the company and the employees.

It is a digital platform accessible via PCs, tablets, smartphones and apps, through which employees of participating companies can use their welfare credit with effects on the local area, through their access to services of sports facilities and those offering leisure time courses and for making purchases in local affiliated shops. By implementing the regulatory changes introduced by the Aiuti Decrees, the Welfare Hub was supplemented by providing sums as a contribution/reimbursement for the payment of domestic utilities, i.e. the integrated water supply, electricity and natural gas.

2022 Result

5,220 companies that signed up to the platform

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