Health and wellbeing

Next way of working

Launched in 2021 and accelerated by the pandemic, the Next Way of Working programme also finds plenty of space within the new 2022-2025 Business Plan. It aims to guarantee the best professional experience for the Group’s employees with an increasing focus on their motivation, well-being, and development, and at the same time reducing environmental impact with a view to enhancing sustainability.
The programme promotes and encourages the adoption of inclusive behaviour and, with new technological tools, it supports people in the organised use, in a balanced and voluntary way, of a hybrid working mode, based on a mix of work in the office and at home (Smart Working), ensuring maximum flexibility in organising time and activities in individual work and teamwork.


To make the most of the time spent in office, new corporate space (e.g., fitness areas, energy corners) is designed to create coworking opportunities useful for strengthening cooperation, sharing, and the sense of belonging, and promote social relations as a valuable resource for unleashing creativity and innovation, expanding networking and promoting people’s well-being.

2022 Results

~72,000 users of new tools for work planning
~3,700 people in the Group qualified to book work space
21 energy corners

lounges equipped with meeting spaces, food and beverage

~7,500 Group's people in offices with energy corners
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