Innovation and cybersecurity

Digital transformation

Intesa Sanpaolo intends to maintain sustainable business growth relying onthe active involvement of people and a cutting-edge digital infrastructure. By extending digitisation and dematerialisation to all processes, the Bank intends to contribute to accelerating the digital transformation of customers, who can count on an innovative, inclusive digital platform that is fully integrated with the physical network.


2022-2025 Target and 2022 results

+50% of digital payments

in 2025

>12 m multi-channel customers
1.5 bn logins to the App Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile
~40% sales on digital channels

of Banca dei Territori products and services


The development of new digital services and new ways of managing customer relations, also remotely, and the conscious use of new tools and processes also require investments in to spread the digital culture within the Group.

The change management system of the Ottomila! portal supported almost 47,000 people in the Banca dei Territori Division. The Vividigitale project delivered 97 in-depth sessions on digital issues and the automation of processes to train the digital culture communicators, people from inside the Group selected from time to time in each branch, to be the initial disseminators within each organisational unit. Remote meetings via Vivichat reached around 39,000 people in the Group in 117 sessions.

Isybank: the new digital bank

In line with the Business Plan objectives, the new digital bank Isybank was created to effectively serve a significant number of customers (about 4 million) who do not go to branches. It has around 340 dedicated specialists and its structured offer and features have already been clearly defined.


The partnership with the Fintech leader Thought Machine enables the use of state-of-the-art, cloud-native technologies adaptable to more transverse customers operating, for example, in various currencies and in various countries.

Digital technology for accessibility

New digital technologies also make it possible to improve accessibility to bank services, for example, through ATMs equipped with a highly readable graphic interface for the partially visually impaired and headphones for visually impaired customers so that they can listen to the voice guide. At the end of 2022, 6,400 ATMs are equipped with headphones.

New accessibility settings have also been introduced on institutional and commercial websites and on the App to facilitate the digital inclusion of all users and customers with visual impairments.

In the International Subsidiary Banks, the adaptation of mobile and web applications according to WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) accessibility standards continues, allowing the platforms to be used by people with disabilities, offering the service in English and in the local language. 

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