People enhancement


On 2022, with the creation of a new leading educational player in Italy through the combination of Intesa Sanpaolo Formazione and Digit’Ed, a company of the Nextalia Fund, Intesa Sanpaolo intends to provide the Group’s people with excellent training on critical skills for the implementation of the Business Plan and, in particular, to support digital and ecological transition, investing in the most advanced learning technologies.


2022-2025 Target and 2022 results

50 m hours of training

during the Business Plan

12.6 m hours of training delivered

11.3 m in digital mode

81% the level of satisfaction with digital training
97% the level of satisfaction with live training

Job Communities

Job Communities are clusters of professionals with similar skillsets, learning paths and qualification, aimed at defining a coherent development model throughout the Group.

2022-2025 Target and 2022 result

~20,000 people in the Job Communities

 ~4,000 in 2018-2021

~15,200 people entered into Job Communities

in the year

ESG training

ESG training, which represented over 13% of total training in 2022, aims to support the dissemination of the sustainability culture and to develop and strengthen core competencies for the implementation of corporate strategies geared towards generating economic, social and environmental value together. The training proposal is structured on two levels:

  • a basic level, cutting across the various topics and provided to all employees, mainly through online remote training modules;
  • an in-depth or specialist level, on individual topics, managed by the Divisions and Governance Areas concerned, including live training.

2022-2025 Target and 2022 results

100% Group employees to be trained on ESG issues

by 2025

92% Group employees trained on ESG issues

in the year

>13% ESG training hours

on total training