Sustainable transition

ESG Labs and services

Financial resources alone are not enough to enable the sustainable transformation of businesses. Intesa Sanpaolo is therefore committed to developing a sustainability-oriented business culture in its corporate clients as a key step in guiding them in the economic transition, not only from a financial point of view.

In order to increase companies' awareness and skills in the ESG area , a project has been developed that includes a dedicated online platform and custom training and support programmes, using internal expertise and external partnerships.


ESG Labs

ESG labs are physical and virtual meeting places for supporting Italian businesses in the sustainable transition and tracing a development path aimed at supporting long-term growth with positive impacts on the environment and people.

2022-2025 Targets and 2022 results

>12 ESG Labs

at least one in each Regional Governance Directorate

~100 dedicated ESG specialists
8 ESG Labs launched

Venice, Padua, Brescia, Bergamo, Cuneo, Bari-Taranto, Rome, Naples-Palermo, in cooperation with specialised partners

12 dedicated ESG specialists


In the Skills4Capital customer training portal, Skills4ESG is the entry point to content, news and success stories on ESG and sustainability issues, the Group's initiatives on the subject, and further services such as advanced training courses, One-to-One training, and multi-company workshops.

Circular Economy Lab

A laboratory set up by Intesa Sanpaolo, Fondazione Cariplo and Cariplo Factory with the goal of supporting and assisting the transformation of the Italian economic system and disseminating new models of value creation in the collective interest, accelerating the transition to the circular economy through the identification of innovative solutions and technologies.

In 2022, the Circular Economy Lab launched 2 Market and Tech Assessment projects for the Fashion&Textile and Smart Mobility sectors and 2 Circular Open Innovation programmes for the Energy sector and Cleantech.