Sustainable transition

Green and circular loans

In order to give impetus and tangible support to the green and circular economy, the Group has committed itself with specific plafonds and developed wide and diversified offer of financing and consulting products, dedicated to all types of customers, in Italy and abroad.


2022 Results

~€6.3 bn disbursed to the green and circular economy
7.7% of total loans

Green - Mutuo Domus

Green - Mutuo Domus is a subsidised mortgage (reduction of the APR and free energy certification for renovation purposes) which makes it possible to purchase and build a residential property in Italy with a high energy efficiency class (equal to or higher than B) or to renovate a residential property in Italy with an improvement of at least one energy class.

Green mortgages make it possible to finance not only the purchase or construction of an energy-efficient property, but also the improvement of the energy performance of a property through, for example, the installation of energy-efficient windows and boilers or solar and photovoltaic panels, or the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles.

S-Loans (Sustainability Linked Loans)

S-Loans are designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises both to improve their overall sustainability profile and to achieve specific ESG targets through contractually defined KPIs. These indicators are subject to annual monitoring, certified by the company in the Notes to the financial statements. Businesses that meet their targets are rewarded with reductions in the cost of the loan.

2022 Results

~€2.2 bn granted during the year

~€3.5 bn since the launch in July 2020

1,360 financed projects during the year

S-Loan product lines

S-Loan product lines

S-Loan product lines
S-Loan ESG
Target ESG performances:
360° improvement in sustainability performance
S-Loan Diversity
Gender equality target:
encourage and promote gender equality and the role of women in the socioeconomic context
S-Loan Climate Change
Climate change target:
develop the company's business in an environmentally-friendly way, investing in projects designed to combat climate change and reduce their own emissions.
S-Loan Agribusiness
Sustainable Agribusiness target:
protect the business against the risks of climate change and seize the main opportunities deriving from the adoption of more sustainable business models.
S-Loan Turismo
Sustainable tourism target:
green investments in the tourism sector.

Plafond Circular Economy

The circular economy offers new business opportunities to companies and contributes to the eco-sustainable transition of the economic system by reducing the consumption of natural resources. To support its development with the new Business Plan, Intesa Sanpaolo has renewed the commitment already made with the previous Plan by allocating a plafond of EUR 8 billion (for the green and circular economy, with specific incentives).

The Group is a strategic partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the main promoter of the global transition to the circular economy, with which it has defined criteria for assessing the level of circularity of the initiatives proposed by companies.

2022-2025 Target and 2022 results

€8 bn new credit for the circular economy
420 projects assessed and validated

€9.1 bn value of the projects 

€3.1 bn disbursed

€2.2 bn for green finance

Loans granted by sector

Mobility, Logistics and Infrastructure
Industrials and Manufacturing
Energy, Water and Utilities
Construction and Furniture
Chemicals and Materials
Agriculture, Food & Beverage