Value and solidity

Group value and solidity

Today, Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the leading players in the industry and is well positioned to make the most of market opportunities, thanks to the distinctive skills acquired over the years, its well-established international network, its ongoing investments in technology and digital , its leading position in ESG and a streamlined operating model that has already and repeatedly proved its ability to evolve proactively by anticipating new market dynamics.


2022-2025 Targets

€6.5 bn net income in 2025
>€22 bn distributed to shareholders (2021-2025)
~€26.5 bn personnel expenses
~€17 bn purchases and investments
~€15 bn direct and indirect taxes

2022 Results

€4.4 bn stated net income
€5.5 bn net income excluding Russia de-risking (1)

exceeding 2022 target of  >€5bn 

€3 bn cash dividends (2)
€3.4 bn buyback (3)
~€6.7 bn personnel expenses
~€4.4 bn purchases and investments
~3.2 bn direct and indirect taxes

Economic value generated

The economic value generated in 2022 amounts to nearly 20.6 billion euro and it is up from the 2021 figure (20.0 billion euro). The highest share of the economic value distributed to stakeholders goes to the Group’s people.

Breakdown of 2022 economic value (millions of euro / %)

Employees and other staff: 7,718
Shareholders, holders of equity instruments, third parties: 3,383
Suppliers: 2,823
Government, organisations and institutions, community: 2,244
Economic value retained: 4,407


(1) €1.4bn provision/write-down for Russia Ukraine exposure. 
(2) Including €1.4bn paid as an interim dividend on 23 November 2022.
(3) Considering the first tranche of the buyback of  €1.7bn launched on 4 July 2022 and completed on 11 October 2022 and the second tranche of €1.7bn launched on 13 February 2023 and to be completed by 12 May 2023.
(4) Companies returning to performing status from non-performing status. Over 137,000 companies since 2014.
(5) Jobs related to companiesreturned to performing status. 690 thousand since 2014.


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