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Partnerships with social impact

Interventions in favor of the community are carried out through the development and activation of relational networks, which give rise to forms of partnership with organisations, Third Sector bodies, companies and institutions, creating true ecosystems of solidarity.

This is a series of structured initiatives characterized by the widespread interventions, plurality of subjects involved, multi-year planning and the ability to respond to needs. It's an innovative and resilient system that leverages co-planning as a method of intervention along the two directions of the fight against poverty and social cohesion and inclusion (social reintegration, female empowerment, prevention and recovery from addictions, regeneration of common goods, fight against illegality) to achieve the key objective of the UN Agenda 2030: leave no one behind and ensure greater well-being for all.

Caritas Italiana has long been a primary partner which, with its widespread network, distributed throughout the national territory, allows the activation of wide-ranging projects capable of reaching even the most peripheral communities. The partnership materialized in the program "Helping those who help: support for new fragilities", with initiatives throughout the territory, in support of the Dioceses, to combat poverty and promote social inclusion.


Intesa Sanpaolo for Social Impact

In October 2023, during the meeting in Brescia “No one left behind. Growing together in a fairer country", the Bank confirmed, as per the Business Plan, its strong commitment to social sustainability for a more inclusive and supportive present and future, with an important allocation of funds and the establishment of the new organizational unit "Intesa Sanpaolo for Social Impact", reporting directly to the CEO, responsible for directing and governing social impact activities.

The guidelines of this commitment are the fight against poverty and the demographic emergency, the promotion of social and educational inclusion and of young people employability, and the support for Third Sector.


€1.5 bn in contributions to social initiatives and projects1



>€0.3 bn contribution
as a cost for the Bank

Against poverty: food and shelter program for the needy

The Business Plan launched in 2022 envisaged the expansion of the Food and Shelter Program for the needy aimed at combating poverty and supporting people in difficulty by providing concrete aid, both in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with important social organizations in the area.


50 million interventions to support people in difficulty
(expansion food and shelter program for the needy)


>36.8 m interventions realized

Program actions

36.8 m actions in 2022-2023

36.8 m actions in 2022-2023
30 m meals
Distribution of meals through organizations active in the area.

The multi-year collaboration with the Banco Alimentare Foundation continues for the distribution of meals to local charitable organizations and for the "Re-fished" project: from the illegal market to the solidarity market" (recovery and processing of fish seized by the Coast Guard for distribution to charitable organizations of the territory). Partnership also among others with Italian Caritas with the program “Helping those who help: support for new fragilities”, Dynamo Camp, Fondazione Comunità di Messina, City Angels, Associazione Vidas, Fondazione Cometa

3.3 million beds
Offer of beds as part of projects dedicated to reception.

Within the projects dedicated to hospitality, some initiatives coincide with those indicated for the objective of meals. In fact, organizations such as Dynamo Camp, the San Patrignano Foundation, City Angels and the non-profit Vidas Association offer people in difficulty both food and a place to live, even temporarily. Through its support for the Di.Re Foundation - Women in the Network against Violence, the bank contributes to guaranteeing hospitality in shelters for women victims of violence.


3.2 million medicines
The Partnership with the Fondazione Banco Farmaceutico was confirmed for 2022-2025.

for example with the Pharma Links project for solidarity networks against health poverty, and the initiative confirmed with Caritas Italiana Help who Helps, which for 2022-2023 promoted the distribution of health kits to families.

Items of clothing
446,000 items of clothing
For the sixth consecutive year the "Golden Links" project

in partnership with Caritas Italiana and some of the Bank's client companies producing basic necessities, it offered clothing and other primary goods to guarantee a dignified life for people in difficulty, through the recovery and distribution of production surpluses.

Against inequalities: promoting inclusion and social cohesion

Intesa Sanpaolo promotes social inclusion and local cohesion, trying to contribute to rebalancing inequalities with activities based on a structural system of relationships for the joint planning of actions, in favour of those who are in disadvantaged position and struggle to reach that minimum threshold of well-being and dignity that should be everyone’s right.

Assistance to the elderly, young people and families

With the "Helping those who Help: support for new fragilities" program, Intesa Sanpaolo contributes to combating youth poverty and promotes the social inclusion of the elderly with interventions to satisfy their primary needs: meals, medicines, accompaniment to health services, and new forms of housing.

The three-year partnership (2021-2023) with FOM - Fondazione Oratori Milanesi also continues, which originated the project "Oratories on the outskirts - social regeneration in the Diocese of Milan" to bring communities back to the center. Active in 30 parishes in the Milanese hinterland, the program aims to rebuild the social fabric of the peripheral areas involved, redefine a community identity and support families coming from contexts of hardship and educational poverty, with a focus on young people.

Projects for the childhood

With the WeBecome project, which is based on a free online platform aimed at primary school children, Intesa Sanpaolo is offers various courses on topics of digital civic education, bullying and cyberbullying, diversity, and addictions, but also food and nutrition, innovation, and the development of individual potential.

In 2023, the “S come Sguardi” path was completed, which introduced children to sustainability combined with responsibility towards the social and ecological environment in which each one operates, and the new “O come Oltremare” path was activated, which brings children to the problems of the oceans and their protection for the future well-being of all the inhabitants of our planet.


>2,350 school involved


21,900 accesses to the platform


235,400 views of available contents

Other important projects are aimed at the psychophysical well-being of children, also in collaboration with primary healthcare facilities at a national level.

Projects aimed at the world of childhood

Projects aimed at the world of childhood

Projects aimed at the world of childhood
To support children aged 0-3 years hospitalized in oncology departments
through the free offer of nursery schools managed by local cooperatives belonging to the PAN Consortium. Active in Padua, Bologna, Turin, Naples, Monza, Genoa and from the end of 2023 in Trieste. Since the program was launched, over 650 children have been enrolled in the long-term care service in the hospital facilities involved, with notable benefits in terms of psychological and behavioral recovery.
QuBì Program
The recipe against child poverty
Promoted by Fondazione Cariplo with the support of the Vismara, Invernizzi, Fiera Milano and Snam foundations. The first important result was the identification of families with minors in poverty through the joint action of Third Sector networks and public administration. Through the mapping of the city of Milan, 25 neighborhoods covered by 23 local networks were identified, with the involvement of over 400 organizations. To date, 50,000 beneficiaries have been reached, of which 26,500 are minors.
For a research project on Sport Therapy and Psychological Wellbeing
to develop treatment protocols on the positive effects of physical activity on self-esteem levels.

Social housing

With the 2022-2025 Business Plan, Intesa Sanpaolo announced one of the most extensive social housing programs in Italy through the promotion of homes and beds for young people (families, workers, students) and seniors (e.g. single elderly with a limited income) throughout the national territory.

In 2023, new partnerships were launched with Coima and Redo to give new impetus to the MilanoSesto project, the largest urban regeneration project in Italy. Advisory and financial support was given to the Coima, Covivio and Prada consortium for the former Porta Romana railway yard where the Olympic Village will be built which will subsequently become one of the largest social residential student residences in Europe in terms of size, with 1,700 subsidized beds.

1 As a cost for the Bank (including structural costs of ~€0.5bn relating to ~1,000 people dedicated to supporting initiatives/projects), already taken into consideration in the 2024-2025 guidance.

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