Sustainable transition

ESG Labs and services

Financial resources alone are not sufficient to enable the sustainable transformation of businesses. Intesa Sanpaolo is therefore committed to supporting corporate clients in developing a sustainability-oriented corporate culture and the ESG skills necessary for a sustainable economic transition not only from a financial point of view.


ESG Labs

The ESG laboratories are physical and virtual meeting points to help Italian companies in the sustainable transition and outline a development path for long-term growth with positive impacts on the environment and people. Together with the local institutions that took part, they promote discussion and stimulate awareness on ESG issues among companies and supply chains through in-depth meetings and workshops, to support customers in taking the first steps towards initiatives that improve the sustainability profile with positive effects on the development of the company.

The first ESG Laboratory was created in Brescia in October 2021, followed by the launch of 9 laboratories in 2022, during 2023 new laboratories were also launched in other Italian provinces: Milan, Turin and Florence.


>12 ESG Labs
 at least one in each Regional Governance Centre


13 ESG Labs activated 
Venice, Padua, Brescia, Bergamo, Cuneo, Bari-Taranto, Rome, Naples-Palermo, Milan, Turin and Florence


68 events both physical and online


1,500 event participants, including client and non-client companies

The Skills4Capital Portal and ESG training

In the training portal for customers Skills4Capital, Skills4ESG is the access point to the offer of contents, news and success stories on ESG and sustainability issues, to the Group's initiatives on the subject and to further services such as advanced training courses, training One-to-One, multi-company workshop.

During 2023, training programs created by Intesa Sanpaolo together with Intesa Sanpaolo-Digit'Ed were made available, with a particular focus on ESG issues, in two levels:

- Esg Base, accessible remotely, to learn basic knowledge about ESG principles and the logic and methods with which to activate sustainability paths in the own company;

- Esg Premium, usable in a mixed form (remote and virtual classroom), to support companies that intend to undertake or strengthen their transition towards sustainability and implement ESG solutions in their business.

Circular Economy Lab

It's a laboratory created by Intesa Sanpaolo, Fondazione Cariplo and Cariplo Factory to support and accompany the transformation of the Italian economic system and to disseminate new models of value creation in the collective interest, accelerating the transition towards the circular economy with the search for innovative solutions and technologies according to open innovation operational methodologies.

The activities of the CE Lab are based on three pillars:

- promotion and dissemination of the culture of the circular economy;
- innovative training courses for companies;
- advisory for the acceleration of circular transformation.

In 2023, the Circular Economy Lab guided and facilitated the identification of circular innovation needs through a Market and Tech Assessment project for the Energy sector, two Circular Open Innovation programs for the Mobility and Healthcare sector and a Circular Workshop project for the Fashion sector.