Luna Rosa's tour of Italy by sea

From the West to the East, from Genoa to Venice, from the Tyrrhenian side to the Adriatic one: a month-long tour of Italy, experienced throughout eight magnificent stages, which will make the crews cross the most evocative coastal stretches of the entire Italian peninsula.

In the Country of Saints, Poets, and Navigators, the history of an osmotic relationship with the sea is built on centuries of trade, discoveries, travels, and, above all, tales. Tales of the Mediterranean, which contain the essence of our history, and are returning to the lighthouses and coastal buildings, the "sentinels of the sea", their ancient splendor of past eras, which have given shape to our present.

Genoa, Civitavecchia, Gaeta, Naples, Brindisi, Bari, Marina di Ravenna, and Venice: here is the Nastro Rosa Tour path, a route that caresses our entire coastal perimeter, attracting the best Italian and international boats, for an unmissable and highly awaited event.

Intesa Sanpaolo is also at the starting line, proudly supporting the vision of the Luna Rosa Sailing Team, a crew entirely made up of women. It participates in the event bringing, in addition to an extraordinary technical competence, also the desire to promote a clear message on female empowerment.

What you need to make it possible: a group of top-level athletes, the absolute excellence, coming from very different cultural and sporting backgrounds, but united by the sharing of key values and the desire to become a virtuous example in the field of sport and, not only there. Led by Maelle Frascari's talent, world champion in Nacra 17, and thanks to Caterina Banti's experience, the new Olympic champion in the same category, the nine sailors who make up the team will pour the right mix of resourcefulness, youth, and freshness onto the water.


Luna Rosa's vision revolves around three fundamental ideas: fair governance, environmental sustainability, and equal opportunity. Three staples, three actual missions for the improvement of our society, which also constitute the ideological and values backbone behind Intesa Sanpaolo Group's commitment to supporting the development of the project.

The use of renewable resources to safeguard the oceans; the promotion of a greater gender balance, in sailing and sport in general; and the desire to make this experience the beginning of a virtuous circle for the future of the discipline. All these are the main objectives of our participation in this event.

Both for the bank and for its crew.