Sanpaolo IMI Archive: Shareholders' Meeting

30 JUNE 2004

Shareholders' Extraordinary Meeting  
called for 29 June 2004 (first call) and 30 June 2004 (second call) at the offices in Piazza San Carlo in Turin (entrance at Piazza San Carlo 158)

  • Proposals to modify the Article and By-Laws related to:
    · The entry into force of Legislative Decrees 6 of 17 January 2003 and 37 of 6 February 2004;
    · Organisational aspect of the Administrative and Management Structure of the Bank;
    · The need for clarity and greater precision in the formulation of certain motions as well as the formal updating and renumbering of the articles.
  • Spin-off from Banca Fideuram S.p.A. of Fideuram Vita Compagnia di Assicurazioni e Riassicurazioni S.p.A. to Sanpaolo Imi S.p.A.


Notice of Shareholders' Meeting

Point 1:
- Articles and by-laws


Point 2:


The relative documents have been deposited at the qualified offices. Shareholders may obtain a copy.
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