Milano, 15 May 2003

Today Banca Intesa further increased its benchmark bond issue to one billion euro (the offer initially amounted 600 million euro and was increased to 750 million euro last 16th April). 

The benchmark bond issue is a five-year, floating-rate bond with a quarterly coupon of 3-month Euribor plus 22 basis points.

The issue price remains the same as the one of the original issue and of the first increase and will be offered to institutional investors at approximately 100%.

The payment date for the increase is 30th May. 

Lead managers of the increase are the same as those of the original issue: ABN, Caboto and Crédit Agricole. 

Banca Intesa therefore continues its tested policy of creating large benchmark bond issues. The operation, which was reopened today, follows the one launched in 2001 (which currently has a residual life of approximately 3.5 years) that reached a total amount issued of 1,800 million euro in the last few months.