Milano, 02 September 2004

The Board of Directors of Banca di Trento e Bolzano (Gruppo Intesa) met today in Trento chaired by Mario Calamati and approved the figures as at 30th June 2004 and the results of operations.

The results achieved in the first half of 2004 confirm the growth registered in the same period of 2003 thus further consolidating the statement of income and balance sheet results which had recorded considerable and progressive increases in previous periods.

As regards the balance sheet loans to customers recorded a 7.1% increase with respect to the same period of the previous year and reached 1,630.7 million euro.

Direct and indirect customer deposits registered satisfactory trends and reached respectively 1,558.5 and 1,884.9 million euro, with a 7.3% rise for both components.

Customer deposits under administration therefore totalled 3,443.4 million euro (+7.3%).

In the first half of 2004 the Bank achieved a net income of 7.5 million euro, 1.4% higher with respect to the same period of 2003, generated as a result of the following trends:

  • interest margin equalled 23.3 million euro with a 1.7% growth rate, while net income from services totalled 17.0 million euro and basically confirmed the figure of the previous year;
  • total operating costs   summed up to 27.4 million euro as in 2003.

The figures indicated above determined a gross operating margin of 12.9 million euro (+1.6%).

At the end of June 2004 the bank’s distribution structure was made up 69 branches, of which 32 in the Trento province, 30 in the Bolzano province and 7 in the Lombardia and Veneto regions.Within September the bank will activate the new outlets in Besenello and in Rovereto, in via Abetone 26, the third in the city of Rovereto. The 2004 corporate development project will be completed   within the end of the year and will lead the number of branches to reach 76 (from 69), in addition to the Representative office in Innsbruck .