Milano, 20 October 2004

Giovanni Bazoli confirmed as Chairman

It is hereby announced that the Management Committee of the Voting syndicate of Banca Intesa, held on 18th October 2004, acknowledged that by 15th October 2004 Commerzbank had given notice of cancellation of its membership to the Shareholders’ Agreement due to expire on 15th April 2005.

Moreover, the Management Committee acknowledged that the Agreement has been tacitly renovated for three years, until 15th April 2008, among the other five Syndicate members (Crèdit Agricole, Fondazione Cariplo, Generali group, Lombardo group and Fondazione Cariparma) and confirmed Giovanni Bazoli as Chairman.

Lastly, it is hereby notified that I.O.R. and Mittel communicated that as of 15th April 2005 they will reduce their syndicated holdings from 0.72% to 0.50% and from 0.37% to 0.25% respectively. Consequently, the Lombardo group’s syndicated holding will decrease from 3.46% to 3.12% of the ordinary share capital of Banca Intesa.