Milano, 15 March 2005

With reference to Consob Communication no DME/5015175 of 10th March 2005 regarding the implementation of accounting systems and procedures for the application of accounting standards IAS/IFRS, Banca Intesa informs that interventions on the IT systems are being completed and, in parallel, the conversion of balances as at 1st January 2005 to IAS/IFRS is being carried out.


As provided for by consultation document “International accounting standards: interim financial reports, offering/listing prospectuses, definition of the concept of related parties” published by Consob on 17th February 2005, Banca Intesa intends to adopt the new international accounting standards starting from the quarterly consolidated report as at 31st March 2005.  


Therefore, both the effects resulting from the first application of IAS/IFRS and the first quarterly report will be approved by the Board of Directors and unveiled on  13th May 2005.


Moreover, the Group companies’ Boards of Directors are appointing the auditing firm to verify the figures stemming from the transition process; the outcome will be disclosed together with the 2005 first-quarter results.


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