Milano, 03 May 2005

Today, all the parties to the Voting syndicate of Banca Intesa signed the updated and partially amended Voting syndicate agreement which will be in force until 15th April 2008.

As regards the syndicated holdings, total shares vested to date in the Syndicate are equal to 40.23% of the Bank’s ordinary shares and are divided as follows:

- Crédit Agricole               18.00%
- Fondazione Cariplo          9.05%
- Generali group                5.76%
- Lombardo group              3.12%
- Fondazione Cariparma      4.30%

Moreover, it has been agreed on that Fondazione Cariplo, Generali group and Lombardo group may gradually increase their syndicated holdings up to 11%, 9% and 5% respectively.

The abstract of the Voting syndicate agreement, as amended, will be published in the coming days, as set forth by the law.

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