Milano, 19 October 2005

Today, shortly after the signature of its new Medium Term Notes programme listed in Luxembourg, Banca Intesa has launched a 500 million euro bond issue on the international markets. Relevant documentation will be compliant with the new European Prospectus Directive implemented by the Luxembourg authorities as of July 1st 2005.


It is a ten-year, Senior, floating rate Euro Medium Term notes issue with a quarterly coupon of three-month Euribor plus 17.5 basis points.


The issue price is 99.686%.


Considering that it was issued below par, the total spread for the investor is three-month Euribor plus 21 basis points.


Settlement is due on October 27th.


The bond is distributed to international institutional investors and financial institutions and is not offered to the Italian retail market. It will be listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and, as usual, traded in the Over-the-Counter.


Today’s bond issue integrates Banca Intesa’s benchmark yield curve which is now made up of bonds with maturities from approximately 1 year to 10 years.


Banca Caboto, Calyon e Deutsche Bank AG – London act as lead managers for the placement of this bond.


The ratings assigned to Banca Intesa’s long-term debt are: A+ by Standard & Poor’s (upgraded yesterday), A1 by Moody’s and A+ by Fitch.

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