Milano, 30 June 2006


Today, Banca Intesa has launched through its wholly-owned subsidiary Intesa Bank Ireland plc an extendible notes issue guaranteed by the parent company.


It is Banca Intesa’s first extendible notes issue for US institutional investors, which has been made possible by the recent easing of rules introduced by the Bank of Italy regulating the maturity matching of assets and liabilities.


More precisely, this is a floating rate issue with an initial maturity of 13 months. Each month, investors have the right of extending, up to five years, the maturity of the notes.


The interest rate - with deferred payment on the 25th day of each month starting from 25th August 2006 until the expiry date (short first coupon from and including 7th July 2006 up to but excluding 25th August 2006) - is equal to one-month LIBOR flat for the first year. The interest rate will be increased by a spread equal to 1 bp starting from the second year. Such spread shall increase each year up to 4 bps for the fifth and final year.


The issue amounts to USD 3 billion.


The offer price is 100% of the principal amount.


Settlement is due on 7th July 2006.


The ratings assigned to Banca Intesa’s senior long-term debt are: Aa3 by Moody’s, A+ by Standard & Poor’s and A+ by Fitch.

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