Los Angeles (State of Mind): contemporary art exhibition at Palazzo Zevallos

Los Angeles (State of Mind): contemporary art exhibition at Palazzo Zevallos. A collection of 36 works from galleries, private collections from Italy and around the world and the Intesa Sanpaolo Agrati collection

“Los Angeles (State of Mind)” shows how the city of Los Angeles isn’t just the home of film but is also a place that has always produced innovative, complex art. A hub that attracts artists and creatives from all over the United States, to the extent that it has been defined as the new contemporary art Mecca.

Thirty-six works of art explore the essence of Los Angeles: a megalopolis built in the middle of the desert, home to myriad characters, languages and art trends. It’s a place of experimentation, in painting and in extreme performance art, a place where the contamination between alternative, lowbrow cultures is vibrant and unending.

“Los Angeles (State of mind)” shows how close the bond is between the city of Naples and contemporary art, given the number of collectors and art galleries from the city that have contributed to the exhibition.

“Los Angeles (State of Mind)” is part of the Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano series of exhibitions dedicated to the great cities of the world that changed the history of art in the late twentieth century.