Statement by Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo full year 2019 results

carlo messina Ceo intesa Sanpaolo

Once again, Intesa Sanpaolo achieved strong full-year results and demonstrated that it remains a reliable and efficient delivery machine, fully meeting all its 2019 commitments.

Revenues increased year-on-year and Commissions strongly accelerated in the second half of the year, reaching an all-time peak in Q4. 

For the third year in a row, the Bank will pay a cash dividend of €3.4 billion. Despite a challenging operating environment, Intesa Sanpaolo delivered the highest a Net income since 2007, reaching €4.2 billion, thanks to solid core operating performance.

Today, 4 February, CEO Carlo Messina, commented: “We are particularly pleased with our 2019 financial results. Facing an unexpectedly challenging operating environment, Intesa Sanpaolo once again was among the most solid and profitable banks in Europe, benefitting all of its stakeholders and serving as the engine of sustainable and inclusive growth".