Coronavirus: Intesa Sanpaolo to help families and businesses

Intesa Sanpaolo suspend mortgage

Intesa Sanpaolo is ready to stand by those families and companies directly and indirectly affected by the Coronavirus emergency, including businesses that trade with China.

All families who reside in the Italian municipalities covered by the Public Ordinance related to COVID-19, and all companies with operational headquarters located in those areas, may request a three-month suspension of existing mortgage and loan installments, either for the principal portion of the installment or for the entire installment. The suspension may be extendable for an additional 3 or 6 months, depending on the duration of the public emergency.

This provision also extends to companies present in Italy whose turnover is reduced due to restrictions on trade and supply chains, as well as to individuals whose employer finds itself in difficulty due to this emergency but does not have recourse to public social welfare mechanisms.

All the Group's branches are available to provide information on the terms and ways to request the measures. Intesa Sanpaolo will quickly evaluate all requests received.

Intesa Sanpaolo immediately took action to help of all those who are suffering direct and indirect damages from the spread of the Coronavirus. As always, the Bank has promptly shown that it remains close to Italy’s families and businesses, with support measures in times of difficulty.


Stefano Barrese, head of the Banca dei Territori Division of Intesa Sanpaolo