Coronavirus: support to Bodies and Regions for medical supplies from China

Since the beginning of the emergency Coronavirus, Intesa Sanpaolo's Corporate and Investment Banking Division, through the Global Transaction Banking (GTB) Department, has been offering support and specialist advice to Public Bodies and Regions regarding payment instruments and international regulations, to support the supply of medical devices and equipment whose reference market is global.

In particular, public structures are faced with a preponderant concentration of producers in China, with counterparties making requests for advance payments against quality and shipments that are not always guaranteed. In this context, the need to select reliable counterparties is a priority.

To date, the Trade Finance structure of GTB has concluded 94 operations with Public Bodies and Regions that have allowed the purchase of approximately 400 million medical-health devices including masks, visors, gloves, gowns, gauze, swabs and fans, for a equivalent of approximately € 490 million.

To this end, Intesa Sanpaolo's structures in China were involved in selecting reliable suppliers and providing advice on setting up import contracts