Group’s Charity Fund allocates €1 million for Coronavirus research

research Covid-19 coronavirus charity fund

We want to advance knowledge about Coronavirus and how to eradicate it. Our support for scientific research is in addition to the important initiatives put in place by Intesa Sanpaolo as Italy faces this difficult moment.

Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo

The Charity Fund of Intesa Sanpaolo is donating €1 million to scientific research on Coronavirus alongside a broader set of measures by the Bank in support of customers, families and businesses, and employees since the first days of the spread of COVID-19 in Italy.

Through the Group’s Charity Fund, Intesa Sanpaolo allocates a share of profits to charitable causes and to support projects that foster solidarity, social impact and the value of the individual. 

A total disbursement of €14 million by the Fund will be proposed at the Intesa Sanpaolo’s Shareholders Meeting on 27 April. This will include €1 million euros - equal to 16% of the total - for medical research projects on the Coronavirus.

Recognized Italian universities and research institutions will be able to apply for projects according to the standard procedures for accessing the Fund's resources. 

In a moment of such difficulty for Italy, we are devoting €1 million to Covid-19 research, an additional measure that accompanies the Group’s donations to the national healthcare system, our financial support to families and businesses, and our fundraising initiatives for worthy projects. The Charity Fund has always been active in supporting scientific research, and today we want to be even more impactful in acquiring the knowledge that allows us to get beyond the emergency quickly and in a lasting way. Nonetheless, dedicating some of our resources to eradicating Coronavirus does not mean interrupting our support for the traditional beneficiaries of the Fund, those in the third sector committed to restoring dignity to people and to guaranteeing the fundamental rights, to whom I would like to ensure continuity in their actions. 


Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, President of Intesa Sanpaolo