Liquidity for companies with the "Dynamic Discounting" service

Intesa Sanpaolo has finalized a memorandum of understanding with Kyriba, a global leader in supply chain finance solutions, to make the "Dynamic Discouting" service available to the business world, which allows large buyers with excess liquidity to propose prepayment of invoices to suppliers against a discount on the previously agreed price. This is a strategic opportunity for many companies to cope with the liquidity crisis caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The "Dynamic Discouting" service allows large companies to improve the financial management of their working capital and company margins, simplify the management of suppliers and integrate flows and payments.

Companies will be able to access the service directly from the Intesa Sanpaolo Inbiz platform.

The agreement with Kyriba is part of the "Filiere Program" of Intesa Sanpaolo, recently upgraded with a new ceiling of € 10 billion to support the restart of the Italian production chains belonging to all production sectors and distributed throughout the country.