For Funding: the platform that has collected the most donations in Italy in 2020

For Funding - Intesa Sanpaolo's crowdfunding platform – holds the first place in the ranking of the 25 Italian platforms dedicated to Donation and Reward, according to the 2020 Starteed report.

In a rapidly evolving economic and social context, characterized by the pandemic, crowdfunding has proved to be a resilient tool, useful to integrate with traditional financing systems.

For Funding

The crowdfunding For Funding platform allows individuals and legal entities to donate and lend money to Third Sector entities directly, without the use of intermediaries and without commissions to be paid by the donor or beneficiary.

In addition, through its organization and infrastructure, Intesa Sanpaolo guarantees security and transparency, with public reporting on both the progress of the collection and the subsequent use of the money.

In three years of activity forfunding.it has collected a total of € 13 million.

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 health emergency, the platform played a fundamental role by raising € 5.3 million through twenty-two collection campaigns dedicated to Italian health and social issues, thereby confirming Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment as an impact bank.


The report, firstly drawn up in 2015 as a mapping of the main trends in the world of Italian fundraising, over the years has become a reference point for analyzing the health of the entire sector.

The report, which counts the platforms under Italian law, also shows the increase of the Italians’ propensity to give, not only in regard to campaigns aimed at the health emergency and the constant growth of lending (+ 75%), or the loan of capital, from which more than half of the crowdfunding collection comes.