Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App is Digital Leader among European banking apps

US research company Forrester recognises the leadership of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Mobile App

Forrester, the US market research group, reports that the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App stands out as the “Overall Digital Experience Leader” among European banking apps and as Best Practice in the following categories:

  • Account Management, for offering customers the ability to check transactions in specific areas by drawing on a map;
  • Navigation, for icons that use visible text labels and hide when the user needs more space;
  • Error avoidance and recovery, for the dynamic selectors and controls to prevent errors and guide users through their tasks;
  • Privacy cues and content, for the clarity and control over customers’ personal data in a user friendly way.

The Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App is one of the most widely used apps in Europe with over seven million customers, more than one billion logins per year, and services that now account for over 30% of the Banca dei Territori retail division’s total sales.

The report – entitled “The Forrester Digital Experience Review™: European Mobile Banking Apps, Q3 2021” – pointed to the following features of the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App as important to its digital leadership: new graphic design; new digital transaction experience, which is more intuitive, usable and faster; and tools in support of customers’ financial wellbeing, allowing them to set aside money and to know more about and better manage their finances while keeping control of their expenses.

Also appreciated were the personalised guidance in the use and discovery of the app’s functions, the simplicity of searching for transactions and documents, as well as videobanking, for contacting Remote Managers via video.